UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. Hey I new around here I want to try to make new friends
  2. Albuquerque
  3. Hi I’m going back home to see how much I love
  4. 525,600 eggs
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  5. Any idea about the moderator application? I want to apply for being mod
  6. You have to be contacted directly by them.
  7. Well
    Well may I know how to directed contacted with them? By raising ticket?
  8. You will not be directly contacted by them. There will be a forum thread in announcements about Moderator applications opening up whenever the devs decide to start looking for more. This thread contains an FAQ.
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  9. This other thread is more comprehensive, sorry. Specifically a Moderator FAQ
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  10. Devs do not contact players directly about being a mod unless they are already in the application process and are being considered.
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  11. i’m so lost
  12. Devs actually may contact players when they open the applications, asking them to apply as they think the player might be a good fit. However this still does not guarantee the player will make it through the entire application process.
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  13. Wow finally free
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  14. Hi everyone
  15. Lol
  16. Who wants to talk so bored 🙄
  17. You forgot to add that you cant send out gifts while silenced.