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  1. I wanna discuss that if we exchanged t7 to t8 it gives 400kcs stats increment and if we exchanged t7 to t9 it gives 620kcs stats increment.
    like e.g if my stats are 1mcs and if i do t7 to t8 stats will be 1.40mcs or t7 to t9 so stats will be 1.62mcs.
    my question is if i do t7 to t8 first and then t8 to t9 will it be like 1mcs+400kcs=1.40mcs then 1.40mcs+620kcs=2.02mcs.
    Am I getting more stats increment by upgrading in series (2.02mcs) rather jump from t7 to t9 and getting less stats increment (1.62mcs)?
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  3. I had to edit and rephrase your message a bit to make sense of it. The answer is no.

    Dorm mates don't stack. They are replaced. We used to have to evict a dorm mate and then put a new one in. The same process happens now but it's behind the scenes.

    When you exchange a dorm mate, the old one is totally removed and that slot gives you no stats at all when it is empty.

    A t7 gives 200kcs
    A t8 gives 390kcs
    A t9 gives 720kcs.

    Replacing a t7 for a t8 makes you 390kcs.
    You spend 300b to get an increase of 190kcs
    *Replacing a t7 for a t9 makes you 720kcs.
    You spend 1T to gain 520kcs.

    *Replacing a t7 for a t8, and then a t8 for a t9 makes you 720kcs.
    You spend 300b to buy a t8 and then another 1T to get a t9.
    You spend 1.3T to gain 520kcs.

    Compare the two parts with asterisks. Same increase in stats, one is more expensive than the other. This is why players are encouraged to skip tiers.

    It isn't reasonable to skip all tiers because the increase in plunder that you get along the way makes upgrading faster and easier but we can't calculate this difference yet to perfectly figure out the best ways to upgrade.
  4. Does anyone know how much stats t11 increases!!!... like t9-700kcs

    And is it a good deal to buy 1 t11 roommate..instead of multiple t9 !!???
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  7. Hi hun, not sure if anyone replied you yet. But if not, this thread should help u.
    Switching out 1 T9-T11 will give you almost 1.58mcs increase
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  8. Thanks for your reply !! It helped to understand better 😊
  9. For t11s specifically

    I know you have the dorm mates stats themselves written but I’m curious how the stat upgrades impact your overall base stats

    How much of an increase in base stats does a t11 give at:

    Star 1
    Star 2
    Star 3
    Star 4
  10. there's only 3 stars technically but
    lvl 1 t11 will give 2.3mcs
    upgrading from lvl 1 to lvl 2 t11 will give 86kcs
    lvl 2 to lvl 3 is 130kcs
    lvl 3 to lvl 4 is 80kcs
    give or take a few kcs
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  11. Oh so very little, ty father 😚
  12. First, TYSVM to everyone who has taken the time to put the info they’ve found into this forum. It’s each of you that help largely with making this game so enjoyable! Thank you!

    My question is: When first beginning, I was told to stay on the ODD TIERS and DO NOT UPGRADE anyone because it’s a waste of money.
    Was this info correct? Atm I have ppl on tiers 4, 5, & 6. I’ve been trying to keep my stats equal when choosing between “strength” and “intelligence.” How do I know which dorm mate to choose each time? Also, which tiers should I be focusing on getting everyone on?
    (Thank you in advance for any help that anyone gives 😊🤗)
  13. Yes, best to stay on the odd tiers to save money and because the final tier is an odd tier. If you upgrade a dormmate, it does take money off the exchange, but it ultimately only raises your stats a small amount so it's best to save up and stick to exchanging for a bigger upgrade.
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  14. I appreciate you taking the time to reply hun🥰
    Do you know anything about how to choose which person to put in your dorm? I would just think going back and fourth with the highest strength guy and the highest intelligence person but there’s other ppl to choose for a reason and I’m clueless about that 🤨
  15. You can check out this thread here for information on builds. I personally stick to the highest of each (I'm aiming for an even build with strength on one side and intel on the other) to have a bigger jump in each stat as I choose them rather than all even. Once you get to the later tiers, you only have high strength, even, or high intel as your dormmate options, so it's better to pick the highest or even stats (depending on your build) and go from there.
  16. TYSVM!! It is really appreciated you taking the time to help me out. This is a bit confusing. I’m on floor 37. I like your idea with doing the highest of each! Thanks hun 😉🤗
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  17. Room 74 32t
    Room 75 33t
    Room 76 34t
    I'll comment as I open the last few
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  18. the rooms just go in order, no need but ty

    updated the main thread with the known information & will continue to update when I have time and learn more
  19. hey so I have some questions about how I should upgrade my dorm rooms.. so till floor 7 both my rooms on each floor are used by tier 10 mates.. and then floor 8 both are used by tier 11 and from floor 9 to 22 both rooms by tier 9..
    so now should I upgrade my tier 10s to tier 12 first.. or all the 9s to 11 ?