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    Bling-bling, PIMD! It's time to showcase your true-self with our new and sparkly birthstone avatars!

    Each monthly birthstone will be represented by two avatars; one masculine and one feminine.

    Collect 800 Birthstone Avatar Shards of a particular stone to get your avatar!
    Combine your 800 Avatar Shards with Avatar Activators (F or M) available at the Store!

    Please make sure you don't have any other Birthstone Avatar Shards over 800 to ensure your Avatar Activator combines with your Birthstone Avatar Shard of choice (trade or host in a safe alt for the time being)!
    If you have more than one type of Birthstone Avatar Shard over 800, your Activator will randomly select one to auto-combine with!

    How To Get Birthstone Avatar Shards

    Birthstone Avatar Shards will now be dropping from Event Boxes! They will be replacing the Pantheon Avatar Shards that used to drop commonly from these Boxes.

    And not to worry, Greek God fans, Pantheon Avatar Shards can still be earned as rewards for competing in XCs (starting on Monday, November 30th)!

    Birthstone Avatar Shard Boxes

    These Boxes can be purchased from the SHop with Cash and opened for 149 EC!

    Also very Important, also please read!

    Until noon Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 1st, Birthstone Avatar Shard Boxes will be available at the Store, which contain 1,000 random Shards!

    After this, they will be available from Event Boxes and through trade with other players!

    Which Rock Suits You?


    Strut your rocking new bling with style!

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