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    Life or death, rags or riches... only the cards know what your future may hold!


    Each tarot card is represented with 2 different avatars; one masculine and one feminine.

    Collect 800 Tarot Avatar Shards of a particular card to get your avatar!
    Combine your 800 Avatar Shards with Avatar Activators (F or M), available through the Shop, to create your favourite avatar!

    When you want to create an avatar, make sure that you only have 800 of *ONE* Tarot Avatar Shard to ensure your Avatar Activator combines with your desired shards.

    If you have 800 shards for more than one type of Tarot Avatar Shard, your Activator will randomly select one to auto-combine with!

    If your activator seems to not be working, please sell it back to the Shop and rebuy it. This should reset it!

    How To Get Tarot Avatar Shards

    Tarot Avatar Shards will now be dropping from Event Boxes! They will be replacing the Birthstone Avatar Shards that used to drop from these Boxes.

    Major Arcana Shard Boxes

    These Boxes can be purchased from the Shop for $1,000 in-game Cash each and opened for 149 EC!

    Very important - please read!

    Until 12:00 p.m. PST on Tuesday, November 30, Major Arcana Shard Boxes will be available at the Store, which contain 1,000 random Shards!

    After this, they will be available from Hunt Boxes and through trade with other players!

    What About Birthstone Shards?

    They are being replaced by this set in any upcoming hunt boxes but don't worry! They can still be collected and combined, and much like our older avatar shard sets, will become available as rewards in different ways. Be sure to stay tuned for more details on this!

    Who will you be?


    What will your cards say?

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  2. WOW 🤩
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  3. Love these!!!
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  5. Omgggggf I LOVE THISSSS
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  7. I can't believe i am not disappointed this year, yeees yeees lobe them
  8. Love these avatars, probably my favorite avatar shards! 😍
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  11. Some are wow some are a big pass
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  12. Ahh so cute!! I want them all!
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  13. absolutely in love with the moon set
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  14. Estetik bgt gila
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  16. Oh my god I want them all?! 😍