LIMITED-TIME CONTENT ⚱️This Champagne Box is made of Porcelain⚱️

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    Porcelain has existed for over 2,000 years and now you can FINALLY have your very own Porcelain avi. Handle with care!

    These vases are not for smashing!


    No, the carpet is not made out of porcelain

    Content Moving to the Champagne Legacy Box

    The Champagne Legacy Box

    And of course, as usual, this means things have to move!
    With these new additions, the following content are
    and moving over to the


    Evening Extravagance
    After-Hours Affluence
    Evening Extravagance (VIP)
    After-Hours Affluence (VIP)
    Luminous Luxury
    Stylish Splendor
    Luminous Luxury (VIP)
    Stylish Splendor (VIP)
    Party 'til Morning
    Out All Night
    Party 'til Morning (VIP)
    Out All Night (VIP)


    Luxe Lounge Walls
    Luxe Lounge Floor
    Luxe Lounge Gold Decor
    Luxe Lounge Glowing Gold
    Luxe Lounge Floral Arrangement
    Luxe Lounge Wall Lights
    Luxe Lounge Bedside Table
    Luxe Lounge Abstract Art
    Luxe Lounge Floor Lamp
    Luxe Lounge Floral Fancy
    Luxe Lounge Distillery Decor
    Luxe Lounge Splendid Sculpture
    Luxe Lounge Armchair
    Luxe Lounge Bookshelf
    Luxe Lounge Rug
    Luxe Lounge Marble Tub
    Luxe Lounge VIP Seating
    Luxe Lounge Sideboard
    Luxe Lounge Champagne Table
    Luxe Lounge Champagne Bar
    Luxe Lounge Balcony Door

    What's All This Then?!

    How Can I Get My Hands On a VIP Champagne Box?
    ☞ You can earn Champagne Boxes from Silver and Gold Subscriptions!
    How Do I Become a Member?
    ☞ Simply head to the Store, swipe over to the Plans tab, and purchase whichever subscription suits you best!
    What Else Do I Get from subscribing?
    ☞ The subscriptions all come with different rewards but include items and benefits, such as:
    Extra Cash from Parties, more Prize Tokens when you earn them from video ads or the 'Free Tokens' button, and daily and weekly Rewards that containing ECs, DNs, PIMKeys, and the VIP Champagne Box!

    You can read about the exact subscription breakdown here!
    * * * * *
    See our original post for more info!
    RENEW your VIP Membership today! The Lounge awaits you.

    Our New PIMD Web Store

    If you're looking to get your hands on some ECs or DNs this week and want to know where to get them for the best deals, come check out our new PIMD web store!

    PS. 5% off EVERYTHING and choose any payment method you want! We got you fam 😘

    Just be very gentle with it
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  2. They way this could've been the hunt and it would've been SO much better is crazy.
  3. Hmm… it’s cute
  4. It’s alright… hope bugs go away so I can see all the Avis and furnis
  5. .

    . .

    Where is image of what the shard avis combine into? How to know which is male or female?
  6. love porcelain art buuuut kinda disappointed with the furni & the combineable avi
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  7. Wait... If the female shard avi is that bird in the blue/pink dress - keep her.
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  8. i’d be surprised if there are people selling porcelain shards for ridiculously insane prices for the first week like the leopards hahaha
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  9. Wait they’re so cute
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  10. Which on are the combinable avis?
  11. Ones* 🥲
    Also the which one is fem shard
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  12. Love how I’m not being able to get this anymore…..
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  13. The one hold her dress up and her foot sticking out. Short hair.
  14. Hey, this is super cute!
  15. Could have been Black Friday hunt.. but alright I like it 😊
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  16. Excuse me, im highly confused

    I thought the VIP lounge in the shop within the game as been removed and replace by the “BOOSTER subscription” Is this a mistake with a copy-paste ? Since there’s different tiers of subscriptions available and to my understanding in $USD price it was different. Or, I’m just blind… maybe that’s it and I’m tired 😞
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  17. That's why it's locked behind a pay wall in a sense can't have the good stuff for hunts 🥹
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  18. This theme is so refreshing. 1000% yes
  19. @Sandwitch

    I'm selling box stuff if yall looking, get it while it's hot 🏺