What is everyone's different strategies?

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  1. I'm rather new to the actual game part of this game and I feel rather stuck. Can someone please help? 😭
  2. From what I hear, the general strategy is to upgrade your dorm mates in odd tiers. T1 > T3 > T5, etcetera.

    Also important, keep your tutor bonus maxed. The formula is: Your total combined stats x 15. (strength + intelligence)x15

    That's how much you need to invest in hiring tutors to be maxed bonus for max cash.

    That should be all you need to know.
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  3. Here are some guides that I think are necessities for beginners, in no particular order:

    Additionally, I recommend reading through the Game FAQ (accessed on your home screen by pressing the cog βš™οΈ icon in the upper left and then selecting 'Help').

    This post has a link to other helpful threads and guides, but the ones that at least I consider to be essential are linked above.
  4. At lower stats you can sell your stat items for chibis/bentos because you don't really need them till you're at higher stats where farming might be more common. Use your bentos/chibis to get yourself into cat/dog clubs, particularly during X2 X3 X5 cash promos (Black Friday starts in a few days, big cash bonus ahead) you can also sell your bentos for DVP because at lower levels the cash makes a big difference.

    Don't focus on stat items or furniture till later in the game.
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  5. Don’t sell your stats period until you have decided if you want to farm or fairy.
  6. Thank you so much! I really appreciate
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  7. Follow the standard playbook for a while. Upgrading, building tb, collecting items, making friends and networking, visiting many clubs.
    Set your win conditions and goals.
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  8. Best strategy? Just uninstall. 🌚

    Kidding. Pretty much what everyone else has said.
  9. I second this.
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