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  1. It's an April Fool's joke, you can bypass it using periods or spaces such as "a.d.d m.e"
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  2. bump for another player
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  3. It is an open tutor market, meaning anyone can hire whomever they wish. While annoying to some, it is not against the rules. Farming is not against the rules either. If you are being farmed, you can read this thread for information/tips.
    Additionally, they would not be silenced for being rude to you unless they specifically breached this rule outlined on the first page of this thread.
    If their generally rude comments are upsetting to you, you can block them. If they break the bypass rule, you can ask a moderator to take a look.
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  5. That's really awful but thanks. ๐Ÿ’–
  6. Do admins actually do anything about a user harassing other players?
  7. If i say "#justice for mods" in pub is it silencible? If yes why?
  8. No no never
  9. If the user is breaking the Terms of Use, yes.
    I donโ€™t see why it would be, unless another part of your statement is against the ToU.
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