How To Deal With Getting Farmed

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  1. How To Deal With Getting Farmed
    For New Players: Being farmed can be frustrating, especially when you are just starting out.
    This guide is here to give you tips on how to get through those situations.

    What is Farming?
    Farming is when someone hits you repeatedly for an extended period of time.

    Important Note
    Farming is NOT harassment. If someone is verbally attacking you, feel free to block them. Blocking someone does not prevent someone from hitting you as this is a basic feature of the game.

    Hiding Your Money
    Bank: The bank takes 20% of your cash when depositing money.
    PIMD Banks: PIMD Banks take 25% of your cash when purchasing
    Gifts to alts/friends: The gift maximum per person is 10, but if you have alternate accounts or trusted friends who will reject your gifts after the hits stop, this may be the best option as you get a guaranteed full refund of all the cash you spent.
    Tutors: Tutors can be useful depending on if you are being stripped. For newer players, I would recommend getting a handful of small priced tutors with high stat bonuses to hide your cash. For larger players with more cash, hiring a larger tutor may prevent it from being stripped from you.
    This method does not guarantee your cash back, as that depends on if your tutors get hired by other players. This is why getting smaller tutors with large stat bonuses is advised as those tutors are more likely to be hired away. If you do this method, be sure to keep an eye on your notifications and cash to continue to keep your money hidden. If used successfully, this method will actually help you gain money as every time a tutor is hired away, you get a small bonus.

    How to Stop Hits
    Ceasefire: A Ceasefire or CF is a mutual agreement between you and your farmer that states they will stop farming you if you give them x items or do x things. CF Terms vary. Information on what is allowed in a ceasefire can be found here.
    Ignore it: Oftentimes, ignoring your farmer completely and not giving them any reaction will make them bored and they will move onto their next target. (This is my personal recommendation.)
    Self Pinning: Self Pinning or sp is when you use your energy down to the last little bit. If your energy is empty or you have less than about 3 hits, you will show up as: defender too weak or DTW. This will prevent others from hitting you while your energy stays below that level. Some high level farmers will use this or party history to track when you are active on the game and then hit you while you are busy/asleep.
    Peace Tag: Peace tags can be obtained from the spinner or there are 4 hour PTs available in the store for extra credits. These will protect you from all hits as long as the peace tag is activated, during this time, you cannot take aggressive actions or else the peace tag will end (eg. hitting other players). Depending on the type of farmer you have, this may anger them and they will continue to hit after your peace tag is over or they may give up and move onto the next target.
    Hit back: This is always an option but may or may not get you very far depending on how strong you are in relation to your farmer. Farmers typically pick on weaker players who won’t gain any ground by hitting them back.
    Hire a farmer or friends: If you are a lot smaller than your farmer, you can always try looking in campus/pub for a farmer who you would then pay to farm the person who is originally farming you. Be wary of this method as some players will take your payment and not actually carry out the task. You can also try asking friends or your pup if they can help you with your farmer.

    Why am I getting hit?
    These are some of the most common reasons players get hit:
    - Your farmer wants items from you.
    - You have done something to offend them or friends of theirs.
    - Your rs is involved in sfw or they have done something to offend the farmer or friends of theirs.
    - Your whole club is being hit.
    - They have been paid by someone to farm you.

    Speaking to your Farmer
    Links: Leaving a link (a wall post or a gift) is advised against as this can be used as a quicklink or QL to get to your profile more easily. This may seem trivial but this could be the difference between getting farmed for a few days vs getting farmed for weeks.
    Private Messages: Adding your farmer and speaking to them via private messages or PMS is typically the best way to contact your farmer. Unfollowing them after speaking should delete the private message link.
    Figuring out why they are farming you can often lead to a quicker resolution.

    When to send a help ticket
    - Ceasefires cannot include items with extra credit value (eg. furniture, name changes, breaking rs). If these are being asked for in a public channel (such as walls), feel free to report it to a moderator or directly to the developers using a help ticket. More info can be found here.
    - Any verbal harassment in public channels (walls, campus/pub, statuses, etc) can be reported to a moderator or using a help ticket.
    For more information on what is not allowed on PIMD, visit this thread.

    Alts: Alternate accounts
    Block: Blocking someone will prevent them from contacting you in all forms.
    CF/Ceasefire: An agreement between a player and their farmer that ceases future hits
    DTW: Defender too weak
    Dev/Developer: Developers run the game, they show up as red in pub/campus/forums
    EC: Extra Credits
    Fam/Family: A group of players who farm others
    Farmer: A player who farms others
    Hit: All forms of PVP attacks
    Mod/Moderator: Moderators enforce the rules made by the developers, they show up as green in pub/campus/forums
    NF: Newsfeed
    PT/Peace Tags: Found on the spinner or in the store.
    PVP: Player v Player
    Pin: When someone is DTW
    QL/Quicklink: An easy way to get to a players profile
    RS: Relationship
    SFW/Strip Farm War: This can be between 2 players or 2 groups of people, it is when players are farming each other for an extended period of time while stripping the other side’s tutors with the intent of their enemies losing more cash.
    Self Pin: Making yourself DTW
    Strip: Stripping is when someone hires your tutors, typically this is followed by hits
    Tuts: Tutors

    More Information
    Other helpful links to learn about the game can be found on this thread.
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