UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. Creative but useless. Still silenceable due to username.

    - Mentions YouTube (however, in private chat)
    - Has third-party usernames in his IGN
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  2. Ily Marcie 💚
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  3. You could say the country before and get away with it as long you weren’t real specific about where you were in that country.
  4. Many moderators are multilingual. Check out this list of mods, and ask them what languages they can help moderate in! Also, if it is on your wall, feel free to block the user too. :)
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  5. Makes sense, I think he’s changed his name since that screenshot was taken anyway.
  6. So now I won’t get silenced anymore! My chance to rise and shine and become the next mod 👀
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  7. #FreeSloth Is Not Longer A Movement... I Will Not Be Getting Silenced Anymore Cuz The Rules Have Changed. !!!!! HIP HIP HORRAYYYYY
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  8. wooohooo on the allowance of slangs 🙌🏻 i see ata did hear some of the feedbacks
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  9. This update is so nice! Thank you so much
  10. Flashbacks to when I got silenced for saying “you are the thot”
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  11. Oh. Mmk I don't do that any way Sarah said its bad to say ixacly where is like what city
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  13. will we be silenced if we say something like “wall my tut/rs something cute for a chibi or something”
  14. I'm so glad that something is FINALLY being done about the toxic culture that seemed to be promoted by the powers that be lol. I was so tired of creeps soliciting minors and nothing being done about it!
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  15. Finally I really love this Updates thanks ATA😄♥️
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  16. So is it ok for someone to ask if anyone wants to play games on ps4 silencable, or is saying our username silencable. Or both?
  17. Both
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  18. Why isn’t there one for people asking for married women or pregnant women?
  19. Bring back strict rules🥴
  20. What about deleting the messages,or is that only me?
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