UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates 2021

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  1. #FreeSex
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  2. So I can say I messaged someone on line but any other third party app is unacceptable? Lol okay.
  3. You can say any third party app as long as you’re not soliciting for people to add you. for example

    “Phobia, I sent you a Snap!! open it” is fine

    but if i said

    “Phobia, add me on Snap” that is silenceable.

    Line is only an example, other apps are acceptable (as long as it’s not soliciting or asking for socials).
  4. }-{ey thanks so much for this, I'm still just learning how to feel more welcome
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  5. Sorry..don't know how to delete the duplicate post:oops:
  6. Its ok. Or u can write a ticket to ATA. Only they can.
  7. Moderators can also delete! I would contact a moderator asking them to delete the duplicate rather than sending a help ticket over it. Duplicates aren't really a huge deal though so it isn't required to try to get it deleted.
  8. That link is very helpful to me. Thanks✌️🌹
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  9. Ppl posting their heights in pub should be silenceable
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  10. #FreeSex
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  11. It shouldn't he censored at all!!!
  12. Lol the last place a person will speak of self harm is the help ticket. It'll be like 3 weeks before you guys send help links. 😂
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  13. the help links are actually sent via pm immediately after the silence is placed 👍🏼
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  14. Great point. Since the word filters were setup some time ago, we have definitely eased up in some places.
    Maybe thats something we should look at.
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  15. I gotchu!
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  16. I was muted for saying I was a little I didn’t mean it as I was younger I meant it as the kink
  17. I’m sorry I just wish to not get disabled I’m 20 my birthday is on June 7th 2001
  18. Could you please not disable my account I paid a lot of money for my stuff

  19. When stating that you are a little you need to specify that you are 18 plus. Such as “I’m a 18+ little” otherwise it is silencable. If you do get silenced send a help ticket and they will take a look at what you were silenced for and be able to help you out.
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  20. Thank god. Any time I see underage stuff in pub or someone asking for young boys/girls, I immediately report it. I don't know how long it takes for them to be silenced, but I've seen people make alts just to bypass the silence. And they just continue doing so.

    Maybe put a timer on new accounts. Have them wait a day or two before they can interact with Campus or Pub. What sucks is I've seen the same issue in the Starter Club. If they get reported, they'll just make a new account and spam disgusting things all over again.