UPDATE Put a stop to scamming.

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  1. I wanted to add something, when I say we, I mean myself…I know I can’t speak for everyone
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  2. I want help! GamerCookies and Alice-in-wonder is farmers. Is the same person. She attacking always and harrasing user.
  3. harassing users*
  4. Threatening users
  5. Pvp is not harassment its part of the game. The more you moan about it the more you will get hit.
  6. @-QueenHeartBreaker- stole a bento from me for ec club and then she dropped me without any reason
  7. You would of finished your parties. Clubs arnt responsible for you missing them. Its up to you to book for a time you are able to be on
  8. Ec clubs are hardly ever scams and haven’t been for years. A bento doesn’t get you a long stay, so if you join during a time you can’t be active and hit parties, that is your own fault. You were dropped because your stay ended, which is marked by the ending # in your tag. You can keep track of what number party they are on through the club announcement!
  9. @bonding23 and the club oxy11 is full of scammers who constantly cheat more people out of their cats. Even most players overlook as they think it's just an alt and are succumbed to their scam. They ask for cat drop for 3 bentos and then cancel the trade and block the dropper. If ATA could look in to this it would be most welcome. We don't want our cats back but others may not suffer our own fate. Moreover that user has so many Alts. Ata should consider a more stringent method. Oxy11 club is full of Alts and hence the club should be banned too.
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  10. ATA,
    kindly ban bonding23 and Club oxy11.
    the club is full of alts, originating from same IP. they are scamming other players.
    I was scammed into dropping a cat.
    date: 12 July 2024
    time: 09:00 AM (IST) (approx)
    it is requested the IP should be banned.
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  11. i want to inform you guys about this scam. ign : bonding23 asks in pub and campus that they are buying cat 1:3b. i sold them the cat . we started the trade as well when i dropped the cat they straight up unfriend me and blocked me. i tried to find out links about the club but they are all noobs. they are still scamming people. please be aware and try to stay away from the scammers. This happened with me on 10th july Around 3:00 pm Ist. Please ban the accounts + clubs + their ip address cuz they are all same people
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  12. Lol funny how you complain about alts then use alts to moan about the same thing.

    Buyer beware. Make them pay 1st in future. You dont take goods from a store before paying. Apply the same thing here.

    You aint getting your cats back and no one getting banned from this comment

  13. We were all scammed. Why do u think they are Alts? We have been scammed and we raised this issue. We do not want cat back. If they are banned it's good, if not, we just want others to not be scammed. They are scamming every day. That's why we took this to the forum. All of us are scammed. The others are not my Alts.
  14. Forums does nothing. Forums is just other players.

    Ip ban stopped working the moment vpn was invented
  15. Be that as it may. If one person can read this and knows that bonding23 is a scammer and doesn't get cheated, I count that as a win.
  16. Moreover we are constantly warning others while bonding23 asks 1c 3b
  17. Learn How to notice the signs. And 3b is standard cat rate