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  1. What does the stat items in your showcase do? I feel like they’re just sitting around there even though I kinda know that they have uses

  2. Go towards your misc stats which is your defense in pvp
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  3. Its an added boost to your stats which is helpful in PvP (attacking or defending) and in hitting parties.

    For example, a 10mcs player without misc would find it harder to attack other players with a lot of misc and with the same stats.
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  4. If I get scammed and lose my only two beds and desk, is there any way I could get it back?
  5. Very unlikely. Probably easier just to assume no.
  6. This is an ‘if’ right? Cuz I hope it is.
    The answer is no, you’re mostly like not gonna get it back precisely because it’s a scam. Once done, it’s over, you won’t be able to get anything back. But you can report/inform others of that scammer so that the scammer won’t be able to scam anyone else.
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  7. Could I report them? They have scammed many people. If so how do I report them.
  8. You can report them through the help tickets however unless you have very solid proof, the devs are unlikely to do anything.

    They can be very frustrating in this way but it's the only way.
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  9. Just make sure not to say it publicly because that's silenceable ✌🏼😗
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  10. Ok so those deals that pop up every now and then? (Unboxing deal, cat cafe express..) how often or what's the interval ? I've been trying to catch the cat cafe one (5usd for a cat) n havent had much luck.
  11. The pop-up deals appear and run for 30 minutes once a day, and I don't think there's a pattern for which deal would appear on a certain day. As far as I know its random.
  12. I’m wanting to sell my SkytwirlerTM fairies. What’s the current selling rate?
  13. The deals show up the first time you open the app after midnight PST. They will always be $5 until you start purchasing them and then they will increase in amount. The larger deals are always a better deal. They don't appear in any pattern, you just have to get lucky.

    For more information on deals feel free to check out this thread.
  14. There is someone who keeps harassing me even after I reported them and they are accusing me of scamming bentos which I didn’t do and never would. I told them that but they keep harassing me and now my account got silenced because yesterday I posted on MY wall to watch out for scammers.
  15. Block them
  16. I blocked them but now they are harassing my club. what do i do?
  17. Tell them all to block them to. Its lirily all ata will say if you try get help from them
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  18. Someone up the hunt thread. Only thing i remember is a avi in the box was a surfer dude black hair no shirt green board shorts. Over 2yrs ago but not 3yrs ago. That was the 1st or 2nd hunt i was in it will gimme some idea on when i started the game i wanna know
  19. Can't find anything that fits the description (well kinda) you mentioned aside from these 2:
  20. Wait how?