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  1. Here is the announcement thread with all the furniture. You can also find it in the VIP Champagne box.
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  3. Is there anywhere that I can find the complete furniture set for Dortoir Mode?
  4. Here it is. Also found in the VIP Champagne Legacy box.
  5. Thanks
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  6. What are the chances of getting an avi from opening normal hunt boxes that cost PIMD keys? Thanks
  7. i’m not sure the exact chance but boxes that are opened with keys is higher than the lite boxes.
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  8. It’s still pretty low chances getting an avi whether ya buy the keys or stick with lite boxes, some people get them within 4 boxes and others take like 100+
    I opened 200+ Pet paradise and didn’t get an avi; however, when I decided to open some very old Hunt boxes, I ended up getting the avi I wanted in the first box.
    Luck of the draw, indeed
  9. Anyone? I know the prices of the single ones but not sure on these.
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  10. Hi question, why do people collect key orbs? Is it only for stat or achievement or do they get anything from it?
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  11. To open painter boxes for stats
  12. Would it be something people might use, if I create a dorm Furni suggestion thread?
    I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m not always the best at coming up with good Furni to make my dorms feel complete.
    Sometimes asking for recommendations in world chats works, but if there was a thread do y’all think people would help out?
    just asking here so I don’t add any clutter to forums
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  13. You may want to check out the "rate my dorm" (not xc) thread, as sometimes people are nice enough to rate as well as give recommendations on how they'd improve.
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  14. Oh thank you!
  15. How can I start a Party if you are new?
  16. Tap the club tab then tap parties then pick 1
  17. What hunt is rex from. Idk n it not even in the amazing furni box so im confused
  18. If you mean the 499ecs "Rex Pistol the Dog," he is in the Spring 2020 Furniture Box.
  19. Ooooo mmk. Hes that new? Sucks how ata duznt do hunt furni boxes anymore
  20. Thank you. Merry Christmas/Hanukah and a Happy New Year.