LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Brand New VIP Champagne Box Avatars, Furniture & Items πŸ–€πŸ€βœ¨

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    This is my ideal gala.

    You may need these masks below to combine them into two of the avatars above.
    May the odds be ever in your favour!




    A room fit for a cosmic goddess.


    Content Moving to the Champagne Legacy Box

    The Champagne Legacy Box

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    With these new additions, the following content are
    and moving over to the

    Elegant Intensity

    Coy In Chrome
    Elegant Intensity (VIP)
    Coy In Chrome (VIP)
    Ink And Chrome
    Glitter Glam
    Ink And Chrome (VIP)
    Glitter Glam (VIP)
    Opal Opulence
    Sleek In Silver
    Opal Opulence (VIP)
    Sleek In Silver (VIP)
    Djinn of the Air
    Sylph of the Wind
    Djinn of the Air (VIP)
    Sylph of the Wind (VIP)
    Salamander of the Flame
    Ifrit of the Fire
    Salamander of the Flame (VIP)
    Ifrit of the Fire (VIP)
    Gnome of the Earth
    Nymph of the Land
    Gnome of the Earth (VIP)
    Nymph of the Land (VIP)

    Violet Cloud
    Rose Pink Cloud
    Beryl Gemtail Peachick
    Amethyst Gemtail Peachick

    Celestia Walls
    Celestia Floor
    Celestia Poster
    Celestia Wall Decal
    Encircled Branches
    Cloud Candy Lamp
    Hanging Rain Clouds
    Celestia Nightstand
    Lovebirds In The Clouds
    Glow Cloud Lamp
    Tomes In The Clouds
    Aromatic Cloudpaca
    Cloud Roses
    Celestia Armchair
    Celestia Bookcase
    Celestia Rug
    Clear Skies Couch
    Celestia Bed
    Celestia Desk
    Sunset Cloudpacas
    Ladder To The Stars
    Starlit Comfort
    Dortoir Mode Walls
    Dortoir Mode Carpet
    La Libellule
    Les Fleurs de Jeunesse
    Dortoir Mode Mirror
    Dortoir Mode Lamp
    Dortoir Mode Wings
    Dortoir Mode Bedside Table
    Dortoir Mode Peacocks
    Dortoir Mode Vase
    L'Arbre des Plumes
    The Perils of Vanity
    The Language of Jewels
    Spring Collection
    Dortoir Mode Chair
    Dortoir Mode Bookcase
    Dortoir Mode Rug
    Dortoir Mode Bed
    Chaise Longue Rouge
    La Coiffeuse
    Dortoir Mode Dressing Table
    Jean-Pierre the Porcupine
    Coco le Paon
    Fashion Shoot
    Fashion Week

    Greenies: Just For You

    How Can I Get My Hands On a VIP Champagne Box?
    ☞ You get one each day as part of your daily rewards as a member of the PIMD VIP Lounge!

    How Do I Become a Member?
    ☞ Simply head to the Store, swipe over the VIP Lounge tab, and purchase membership for $19.99 USD!

    What Else Do I Get from Being a VIP?
    ☞ When purchased, VIP members are entitled to 7 full days of:
    25% extra Cash from Parties, 3x more Prize Tokens when you earn them from video ads or the 'Free Tokens' button, and a Daily Rewards Bundle containing ECs, DNs, PIMKeys, and the VIP Champagne Box!

    * * * * *

    See our original post for more info!

    RENEW your VIP Membership today! The Lounge awaits you.
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  2. Cute!!
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  3. Alright
  4. love this!!!
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  5. I was so confused when I got the masks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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  7. Dayum these avas are lit
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  8. I cant see this in my VIP box
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  9. So pretty!
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  11. Absolutely gorgeous
  12. Cute. But still not spending money until the dumpster fire is put out.
  13. I know we’re supposed to be on strike but uhh...

    I had to get vip for a chance to get the avatars 😭
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  14. GorgeousπŸ’•
  15. Stunning!
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  16. I want the furniture
  17. Dang it ata this is my dream. I need that owl 499 in my life
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  18. woah this looks so good