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  1. please *do not* send help tickets for name changes, they've updated the system so that you can just attempt to change your name & if it doesnt work then its unable to be taken atm
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  2. Ooooo whend they change that
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  4. Hi, what is dvp?? 👀
  5. drop volley profit.

    you and some other person will volley a tutor, the other person will keep and drop then continue to volley again so you can gain profit from it
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  6. Whats the going rate of mushrooms atm havnt really seen people selling it in chat so idk
  7. What are key orbs and are they worth anything?
  8. Here's some information on key orbs: announcement thread and combination key. They cost 3 per chibi!
  10. 400 per bento
  11. What is the going rate of the disaster escape map? I can't find the price guide
  12. What is the steal the spotlight within the collectathon event? I’m confused as to what a spotlight is and how to steal it.
  13. In the Jamie’s friends storyline I have been stuck on the complete xc tiers. What is the best way to go about this part of the storyline?
  14. The Spotlight is a PvP based extracurricular. To start, you’ll have to be the first player to hit ign: The Spotlight. After, you’ll hit the person who most recently stole The Spotlight.
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  15. I find Collectathon the easiest to complete since you can just open lite or timer boxes and participate in parties! You just need to meet the drop requirement for at least tier 1.
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  16. I think 2mcs singles range from like 20c-1 🍱
  17. Fuck thats way less then i was expecting. Iight ty
  18. Thank you
  19. Is there a thread to post selling/buying tutor strip (for someone to hire a tut)? Thank you in advance
  20. Someone please wall me about how to contact support. The have a party storyline has not been granting me my lite boxes for the past two days.