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  1. Uhmm hi so lately i have been experiencing this problem wherein i go look at a profile and my app completely crashes. It happens to every profile now and it’s kinda bothersome especially if i want to trade or befriend someone. Do i need to update my phone or wait for the game to update ? I really need help. Thank you so much.
  2. Look at the other 8633773u844773 posts saying this same thing to see what to do
  3. If you haven’t already done so, try logging out of your account, and then logging in again. You might also want to try reinstalling the app. However, do remember to connect your account before you proceed with the above mentioned solutions. If this doesn’t fix the issue, send a help ticket to ATA and explain the situation to them. Good luck 🌸🍦
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  4. well 8n somewas it does refund some percentage but what i want was to change my crews tier to a higher one
  5. It doesn't give you a partial refund. It just gives you a discount for the dormmate you want to exchange it with. You might be thinking of dropping tutors, which does give you a partial refund.
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  6. Hello. I have another question. I apologize if it’s been asked multiple times.

    If a hypnocat or kini dropped from a party initiated by our club, does the dropper decide the rules even though it wasn’t EC bought? For example, if the dropper mandated 1c gift, is that rule applicable in this situation?

    Sorry, and thank you. I want to make sure I’m doing this right. 🙈
  7. That depends on individual clubs' rules, so you'd be best off asking an admin of the club. :)
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  8. I see. This quite the dilemma. 🤔 Thank you for your prompt responses in helping me be a more knowledgeable player. 🙈
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  9. Not sure the best way to explain it, you have more energy every 5 minutes so when that 5 minues comes then the clock could land in different places but always 5 mins apart eg. 2:00,2:05,2:10. If for instance you wanted to line it up to be on those clean time intervals does anyone know of this possibility? I know my regen time has drifted=shifted before going from 2:02,2:07 to 2:01,2:06. My theory is that if you have full evergy for a tick beyond full that the timer will be set for the time of your first hit after but im not sure and wondered if anyone knew if there was another way or if thats it or what.
  10. Only thing i can think of is change the time on your phone
  11. I would like to ask where can I find how many drops I need?
  12. If you click on the phone icon on the left of your home screen, you can see the story quests and how many drops you have and need to collect
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  13. Thank you so much 😊
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  14. Your tutorial would of shown you that
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  15. Can someone from ata tell me how I can become an honours student fast I would really like to be one also can you nominate people?
  16. Please read my FAQ about Honor Students. Tl;dr -- there's no one set way to get it, but it's really rare to get. There is no nominations.

    Also, to contact ATA directly you need to send a help ticket.
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  17. Penut butter comes in the lvl 20 crates.....does it come in any other higher up ones?
  18. Peanut butter will appears in non dog crates starting at the levels below and higher
    Common pets - Level 20
    Rare pets - Level 15
    Super Rare pets - Level 10
    Ultra Rare pets - Level 5
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  19. Ive only ever seen it in level 20 crates so far