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  1. How much do amps sell for ?
  2. 10 chibis each
  3. Thanks
  4. What does all the shorthand mean in the descriptions of clubs? I see so many words and emojis and numbers that I don't understand 😔
  5. I recommend checking out this thread!
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  6. Hey guys
    I need sfw friendly high stats RS 🤗
    Is anyone interested wm☺️
  7. Try using this thread.
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  8. How do we hit a person?
  9. Click on their profile, and tap the button with the first on it. You’ll be able to select a way to hit them from there.
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  10. Can someone tell me how much I
    Tutu investment I need to get max plunder
  11. Roughly 400b.
  12. I’ve a question about upgrading furniture.
    I know that getting any piece to level 11 will take away the piece’s raw stats and replace it with a percentage, as well as give you an award for it.
    Question is: do I need to have the level 11 furni in my dorm to get the % boost? Or having the award automatically gives me that?
  13. Yes you always need the specific furniture equipped to get the % boost.

    Furniture not equipped in your dorm will not count towards your stats.
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  14. When I’m playing parties, I usually get around 20million on average, why am I suddenly only getting 8million in every party?
  15. It could be a difference in which bar you’re hitting of the party, or you may not be at max plunder.
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  16. I'm trying to find the link to the co-z furniture hunt. I have seen some of the furni but have no clue what it looks like as a set. Can someone drop a link or explain how I can find it please.
  17. Co-Z Furniture was actually included in BB boxes! I have the set in my dorm at the moment if you’re curious.
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  18. Thank you!
  19. I was wondering why the quest keep getting harder? I use to be able to get the avis and now I cant get anywhere close. Its becoming less fun to play since I'm putting in the same amount of effort but now I cant get them
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  20. No one except the devs have an answer for this. Majority of the community is upset about these unexpected changes. :( The community is trying to persuade the devs to change it back. Hopefully next hunt you will be able to get the avis!
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