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  1. Definitions of terms used in PIMD

    This is an updated version of a thread I made in March 2015. ATA have advised a new thread is appropriate (as opposed to updating the old one).
    I have removed a few war terms as they seem unnecessary for now.

    This thread is aimed at newer players who may see unknown terms used on campus. PIMD uses a variety of jargon that may be daunting, but fear not! Think of this as a PIMD dictionary.
    It is highly likely I will miss a few words out. Feel free to comment these or ask below.

    Alternative account. Someone may have a main account, and many other accounts on different devices, which are called ‘alts’.

    A Thinking Ape. The company that designed PIMD.

    Avatar. The picture/person a user uses as their profile. Avatars give out different statistic boosts as well

    Back to Back. Commonly used in reference to parties or cat café.

    Build Complete (referring to dorm). Filled all of the dorm rooms with a particular level of dorm mates.

    An item created by collecting a certain amount/type of chibi, which drop from the spinner. Commonly used to trade.

    Hunts commonly included boxes that come from parties or by completing a task. You can open a box to receive item(s).

    Hire a persons tutor a set amount of times in order to increase their hire value. This can also refer to a player commenting on a thread in forums, ‘bumping’ it to the top of active threads.

    Battle List. You find this by clicking the 'people' button and there you can hit other users around the same statistics.

    Club announcement. In club chat you have a header with a description that admins can change.

    Cat Café, Counter Culture, or Cabana Cool. All party types, usually the first. Can also mean club chat, where you can talk to members of your club

    Cease Fire. Used for making conditions for someone to discontinue hitting another player.

    A cute spinner item can combine to make a bento, a high value item commonly used for trading.

    Developers! The ones who made our game, they pop up in red every now and then.

    To drop is to use an item, such as a hypnocat, to start a party. Drops refer to special items you earn after completing a party.

    Doctors Note. Used for instant regenerating of energy.

    Defender Too Strong. This notice is given when a user has much higher statistics than you, therefore you can't hit them.

    Defender Too Weak. This notice is given when a user you are hitting is too low on energy for you to hit.

    Drop Volley Profit. Hiring a tutor back and forth in order to get money, used for buying things on PIMD. This isn’t a commonly used method anymore.

    Extra Credit. Used for buying special items in the store, such as a hypnocat.

    Fake Art. A type of party.

    A user targeting another user by hitting them many times. How many hits define farming vary from user to user.

    Generally done with cat café parties, flash is when a club will complete parties very quickly using doctor notes and by unloading, to gain special hunt items as fast as possible.

    Force Volley. When you hire someone's tutor that doesn't want to give them up, forcing them to keep hiring back.

    To buy someone as your tutor.

    A special event where players collect items to receive prizes, such as unique avatars and furniture.

    Honour Student. The cool blue people you see popping around here and there that help out.

    In house seller. Refers to a cat café club that has a player that will drop a cat for a price, generally for stat items.

    Thousand stats combined. Can be calculated by adding your strength and intelligence statistics (see your profile) and dividing by a thousand.

    Last Bar Hitters. Commonly used for advertising for party hitters on the last bar of a party.

    Level Complete Build Complete. For those who have filled all their dorms with the highest level of dormmates, therefore obtaining the highest stats you can on PIMD.

    Main Account. As in the account a player uses the most, as opposed to other accounts they may own.

    Million stats combined. Calculated same as KCS but divided by a million.

    Player roaming from club to club helping with parties.

    Hitting a player/party in a certain pattern in order to gain most money/payout.

    Moderators. The green users that keep our community clean and safe by silencing and reinforcing the rules.

    Informal name for a new player/someone who doesn't appear to know how to play.

    Either means Original Poster (referring to a thread) or Over Priced (referring to hire value being higher than usual for your statistics)

    A Permanent member of a club.

    Party In My Dorm. If you didn’t know this, I suggest you learn a little more about the game.

    Cash earned through parties or wars.

    Private Message. When another user messages you.

    Private Message offers. For when you are wanting to trade/sell.

    Party of the day. Most hunts have a new type of party each day that will give special hunt items.

    Prank Primer. A type of party.

    Pizza Pop Art. A party started by using a pizza bikini

    Pupil. The lovely user who bought you.

    Player vs. Player (aka hitting off the Battle List or elsewhere)

    Regenerating. Refers to someone gaining energy to be full again.

    Role Play. Avoid.

    Relationship. The person you are "dating"/sharing statistics with.

    Strip Farm. Where someone strips a player of their tutors and farms them in order to make them lose all their money.

    Strip Farm War. When two or more groups of people (or clubs) are strip farming eachother.

    Self Pin. A method where by hitting a person/party until you have no energy, so another player can’t hit you.

    Statistics. Your strength and intelligence combined

    NOT that kind of strip. When someone asks if you can strip their tutors, they mean hire them all.

    Club Tag, this is a few letters specific to a club that some users have added to their username to show they are a permanent member there.

    Tutor Bonus. The amount of stat bonus that comes from the tutors you hire. (Also means bovine tuberculosis but not here!)

    Tutor Chat. A chat where you can talk to your pupil and your tutors similar to club chat.

    Tutor Strip. When one player buys all of another player’s tutors.

    Thank you for cat, commonly said after a player drops a hypnocat for a cat cafe party.

    Tutors. The users you buy in order to increase payout and stats.

    Upgrade. When a player increases in statistics usually by adding another dormmate to their dorm.

    Unload. When a player hits a party/another person to the point where they have no energy.

    Under Priced. Refers to your hire value being lower than usual for your statistics.

    Hiring a person multiple times to increase their hire value and/or to gain money.

    World Announcement. The header on the top of the screen of world chat where players can make public announcements for 26 speakers.

    World Chat. Where players can use speakers in order to message the public.

    Wall me offers. For when you are wanting to trade/sell.

    Another helpful thread for learning terms of PIMD, is Zeuss’ “ABCs of PIMD”. If you are wanting to learn war terms, I suggest the thread “How to War” by White Elder Dragon. Please post below if you have a query about a term you don’t know, myself or another player will help.
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