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  1. You reached 100MCS within 1 yr thats pretty impressive😱
  2. How is power calculated within the club?
  3. Haha thanks
  4. Do you mean Rank?
  5. It's based on all of your stat bonuses, your total fights, as well as hire value: same as how overall VIP leaderboard is calculated.

    Club rank is just based on overall rank.
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  6. Hello! I couldn't play several days, because I had problems with my phone. Today I login fron new phone and see something like "someone report you for innapropriate language"
    But I didn't post or say something like this. Is it possible to know for what I have this message?

    Thank you
  7. Usually the devs will post a snippet of the infringement in with the report message. But if you want to know, the only way is to send them another ticket asking what it was for.
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  8. Hey! I want to understand the stats/drops ratio, like how can I max out the amount of item drops I get from parties? I was on a cc session recently and despite always hitting facepalm the most and making sure I had max plunder in tuts, I never got 500 drops. Usually 300-ish. Why is that, how does this work? Do I just need to upgrade to make it easier?

    I really want to finish the pass story before the time is up, so it would help a lot to understand the mechanics better. Thanks in advance! 😊
  9. Facepalm will give a larger cash payout, typically eat and peace will give more drops.

    My understanding of the mechanics is the more you upgrade the more damage you deal so you don't need as many hits to reach max drops, just ensure you always have max plunder.
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  10. Oh, I had thought fp would give more hits and that would equal more drops! Thank you for letting me know. 💞
    I'll just upgrade as much as possible then, because I've been needing so many hits to get close to max.
  11. Needing help, how in the world do you use things like slow jams and limos... totally having a brain fart. Can you post the answer to my wall along with in here? Would be super helpful 😁 I’m going to feel so dumb when I figure it out 🤦🏽‍♀️
  12. Gotcha
  13. I have a question why do this player which has 600k strength and 100k int has much more money plunder in parties than me who is 500k strength and 300k int?? Do strength increases the money plunder more than intelligence??
  14. How do cat clubs work? The club descriptions are incredibly confusing about bentos and CCs 🤯
  15. You're practically even build and you don't have enoughinvested in tutors for max plunder.
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  16. Try this thread !
    Doesn’t explain everything but it should definitely help with understanding some of the club descriptions ☺️
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  17. Ask club owners, aye.
  18. How to compute if the tut is over price or under price ?
  19. So its advisable to hire tutors that for every 1kcs you have, is equals to 15m value to tutor??
  20. It basically triples your plunder. I ain't gonna recommend it but if you care about your plunder, it's essential.