PIMD’s side story is unwinnable... so I roasted them. Thoughts?

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Should the side stories be easier to complete in POTD?

  1. Yes, it's something that should be fixed.

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  2. Nah, just join a cat club!

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  1. I can get why she thinks been on here longer tho. When was scott i 5hort was on here almost 3 years. When i got sober i seen been on not even close to 2yrs yet
  2. august, september, october. Thats not more then 3 tho
  3. Time really flies on this game with how quickly they pump new content out tbh.
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  4. True
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  5. Almost 4 months on the 23rd then🧐
  6. Honestly I thought I’ve been playing for 5 months or so.😂
  7. Yehh time gets propr fuckd up on here some how
  8. srsly bc how am I 2 years short of playing a decade🤯 wtf lol
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  9. My bad 3 months 🤦‍♀️
  10. If there's any life threatening math problems, I'll be sure not to use you for my phone-a-friend. 😅
  11. Hahah, I’m pretty good at math to be honest lol. I’ve been very distracted 🤣I’m babysitting all day and I am the worst at multitasking lol.
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  12. Petition for Muschi to make a proper new player guide
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  13. I have no idea what is going on but here is my comment.
  14. I don't think I'll ever make a whole ass new guide because I'm juggling enough as is, but I'm both happy to collab on guides with anyone and also open to answering any individual inquiries!!!!
  15. haha y'all probably missed it but here's a new new player guide right here ahah
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  16. That was only made a few months ago. I started the gane almost 2yrs ago
  17. my post was in response to above posts not u
  18. Idk you didnt put reply on anyone
  19. I think this is more about the ratio of premium-exclusive content to what's available to f2p players rather than playing well.

    Players may have worse or better-informed understandings of how much they are missing out on, but they shouldn't require a significant amount of education to feel like they should be satisfied by what's attainable.

    The developers create too much exclusive content.
  20. What would a proper guide consist of?
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