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  1. ATA gonna chill you with 1dn and 2 lite box :rolleyes:
  2. I used to spend a good chunk of change on this game but after this I'm not even bothering 🤷🏻‍♀️ suck it ATA
  3. Omg that’s great XDDDD
  4. Thanks for making my spins even more useless now. Might as well stop watching ads now. Who need spins when your beginning to nerf F2P players and trying to force them to become P2W players.
  5. Ooof. So clearly this worked so wonderful for you guys 🙄

  6. They are probably hesitating what they are going to say now, because when they tried to justify the increase for the hunt, no one believed that "excuse".
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  7. It's disappointing to see players dismissing these complaints with "just going a cat club" or "once they release new shard avis this will all be forgotten"

    It completely dismisses the fact that this company is actively angering and pushing away players that they need to support the wellbeing of this game.

    Maybe P2W players won't feel the effects right away, but what happens when more and more people leave and suddenly you can't sell all these shards you get because either people are too new to afford them or refuse to buy into it? What happens when less and less people join your cat clubs cause more people are quitting, and now you have to shoulder more of the cost of running a cat club. What happens when it gets too hard to find an IHS cause it's too expensive to be one.

    F2P players and casuals may not be important to you because you don't have a problem paying, but they're an integral part of this game whether you all like it or not

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  8. This is another thing they seem to not care about. All they seem to do now is cater to big spenders (who might not even spend on some this bs..), while we, the ones with busy schedules, chronic situations, and/or smaller str/intl, are given nothing.

    Personally, I have narcolepsy and a circadian rhythm disorder when I am able to sleep for the night (or morning..) and a job. I sleep, with everything combined, easily 14 hours a day, often 16 on the weekends.. I can’t spend hours straight on this game, I pop on to hit a party, maybe post that I’m selling my starred on and off for the evening if I’m home and able to stay up for a while, or read the forums here a little.. Then I’m done for.

    Sure, that doesn’t mean “hey ATA!! Give me things for free!!! I’m special!” because others work their butts off to get these items, BUT that does not mean they should leave us in the dust with literally nothing but not even a handful of small stat items, and not even an ANSWER.. I’m lucky that I’m at a decent str/intl, because if hunt things are changed to a more reasonable amount (8-10k, NOT over DOUBLE the norm...) then I’ll still be able to get there if I try. However, those who have worse issues with staying active, who have smaller accounts, etc.. are screwed. They’re given barely anything.

    Please, if you actually want to grow WITH your players and not ahead of us, slow this down. Change things, but make it reasonable. Change things, but don’t make a single avatar the cost of an entire bill or groceries for a week or two. Change things, but TELL your players and WORK with us. It isn’t that hard, ATA. Plenty of places do it, why can’t you?
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  9. What did they say about the hunt increase I didn't see it
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  11. In the current hunt thread, they said “Once again, as the game and its players grows, so must we adjust for that growth in order to keepthe economy balanced and stable. This is a natural progression in any area of successful growth.”
  12. ATA has a lot more to answer for than just these avatars, this was just the final straw
  13. If they give us a bs excuse like they did with the drop increase requirement for avis I say we keep the no money March going until we get an acceptable answer
  14. They most likely won't do anything to the avas they put in Molly's corner. Just save money until next month and if things don't change then the player base can decide with there hard earned money.
  15. Ooooh all of this!! Chiari Malformation, CFS, anemia, etc. Keeping up with games like this can be tough, but people like us stay when it's worthwhile. I'm probably gonna drop this game soon, my time and money are better spent on people that give a $hlt
  16. 100%. If we don’t get a good answer and a change to actually WORK with us players, I’ll stay to help my club and that’s it. I’m not buying anything, not watching anything, nada. Wallet? Out of the picture.
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  17. Ended up leaving a review, too. Took a screenshot in case they delete it, lol. I'm usually super chill about mobile games and developers etc, but this is so beyond stupid 😂
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  18. #NoMarchMoney!!!!!!! 🤬
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  19. If they want to "grow with the game", instead of making hunt drops harder to get, WHY NOT MAKE BLACK CAT CAFE A PERM THING. that way the big players and small players can play in a balanced way.

    Keeping hunt drops easy to get like before will attract new players and casuals.

    Then again ATA is money hungry
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  20. Lol this game is gonna die sooner than I expected 😂