Ill be possible trade avatars?

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Pro or not ?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Just curiosity.
    I don't asking all types but a few ill be cool! Does any others ill like do it?
  2. No support
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  3. No.
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  4. You already got told no. fuck off with this shit
  5. [​IMG]

    Proof already been told
  6. ATA has stated several times that this will not happen.
  7. Idk why people are so toxic, everyones entitled to different opinions. Plus, I think it would be cool to trade avis, like you want a certain gender of a hunt etc
  8. This has been asked 69 x before. No.
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  9. A representative of ATA has already said that “Trading Avatars” will never happen.
    Here’s a link to where she said it if you don’t believe me.

    Also, here’s a tip, search forums to see if “your idea/thought” has been mentioned before and if it has look at the feedback it got.
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  10. Are we not entitled to our opinion that your opinion fucking sucks
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  11. stop live in past,try is free
  12. I feel like there's multiple reasons as to why this is a bad idea. For the 1000th time It's a no.
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  13. Its a no for me. ATA has even said they won't as stated above.
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  14. Stop spamming this bulshit. The devs themself have said NO. if you don't like it then leave and go play some barbie dress up game or some shit that has avatar shit
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  15. Maybe coz this has been spammed like 678447858843783583478367 times for the last 5+ years everywhere? Lirily everyone who has been on forums for more then 1 week is sick of seeing it including ata themself
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  16. Ata haven't say that
  17. time ago
  18. Just vote no if you don't wanna that
  19. They have
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  20. time ago for this i have done the vote way for see if players think the same
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