Group Chat Closed Beta Test [Invite Only]!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Marceline, Jan 23, 2019.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    One of the things we most often get asked for – apart from trading avatars (nope) or trading ECs again (NOOOOOOOOOPE) – is GROUP CHAT!

    As a step in that direction, we will be performing a CLOSED beta test with select PIMD players on both iOS and Android to test out this brand new feature. Keep a look out for your invite!

    As always,
    Maaaarcie, why didn't I get chosen for this beta??? Why do you hate me PERSONALLY??!?!

    Ok, first off, chill. I don't even know you. Second off, we look at different behaviours and patterns when choosing our beta testers. For example, in this particular case, we needed players we know are super chatty and helpful in world chat to test out a chat feature as they would most likely exhibit the actions we are looking to try out.

    Chances are, if you're active and you're a positive influence on the community, you're likely to be invited to participate as we build and improve our game.

    In addition to that, we also have specific technical qualifications in mind so you simply might not have the device we need to test out this time. Each time we hold a beta, we look for specific qualifications in order to provide us with the most appropriate feedback we are looking for as we test. Worry not! You just keep doin' you and maybe one day, you'll be what we'll need.

    As the case will always be, we're always coming up with great new additions to the game so there's always a chance you might be invited to test the latest and greatest new feature.

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  2. finally! 
  3. Can we send pics tho?
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  4. Imagine having to pay attention to campus to know who helps others in campus with how fast posts move :eek:
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  5. Awesome!
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  6. This would be really helpfull in the future... i'll be looking forward to this
  7. “apart from trading avatars (nope)” 
  8. So does this mean there will be an in-game admin chat?
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  9. Not specifically admin likely but you could do a group chat with just admin
  10. This is pretty cool.

    Rather than just randomly spring this on us, it’s kinda cool that you’re testing it out first.

    Good job, ATA.
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  11. Love beta lol
  12. So excited to be a part of something that will benefit the community in the future! Thanks so much ATA!

    -The Typo Master aka Natalie Jr.
  13. Totally choose me??---But tbh WOOOOO GROUP CHAT YESSSS
  14. Sounds cool! Cant wait to see how this unfolds :)
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