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  1. hun, ddlg stands for (tw) “Daddy Dom, Little Girl” it literally has sexual terminology in the name. non-sexual ddlg doesn’t exist, that’s called age-regression and is a coping mechanism for those who have experienced (tw) childhood sexual trauma
    ddlg was made to be sexual, no real definition of it isn’t sexual hun (hence why it was linked to bdsm), yes there are people who are trying to take away the sexual nature of it but at its core its based in kinks.
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  2. in addition, if you find what I am saying as offensive, try and see it from the perspective of the people this is affecting. imagine how offensive it is when people who use age regression to cope with their trauma are now seeing their comfort items and activities and comfort words being turned into a sexual thing, which is the exact thing that caused their trauma in the first place.

    Im not saying you’re doing any of this on purpose or that you’re evil or anything like that, but it’s important to take into account and listen to the people who are affected by this
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    Type of hunt:
    Shards, but it’ll be like the Harry Potter hunt with collecting certain shards to obtain your desired avatar.

    Probably your regular main story, pick a certain thing, get that avatar. The drops can be music sheets or music notes. The actual story could be, well, the battle of the bands, getting ready, etc

    A room filled with everything relating to band. This could also mean different posters for what you love
    Ex. Drum poster, trumpet poster, trombone, etc

    Anything relating to band
    Ex. Music stands, marching uniforms, marching hats, hand warmers (if you’ve been in the marching band, you know it gets freezing during football games at times), etc

    Avatars (my favorite part!):
    Yes! Much like the Harry Potter hunt, we could collect certain items, and a certain amount, to get your desired avatars! A list of band avatars could include drummers, trumpet players, trombones, flutes, etc!

    Club XC LB:
    The clubs could also “battle” and compete against each other for a trophy stat item and/or a club pin

    I hope y’all really enjoy this idea. I’d absolutely love to see it happen!
  4. This idea sounds fun! The only idea I have for it is maybe making it so there’s a story where you can choose which type of band you want to join? (that come with different avis for that band)
    Like if you want to be in a Rock band, Hippie band, Regular Band geek type band, Coffee House Alt, and other things like that

    Only thing I wouldn’t be sure about is for people who like to collect avatars only being able to pick 1 band but its just an idea 🖤
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  5. So the story will be whatever option you choose, that’s what you get. But we’ve had it where if you want to collect more, you can redo the story and choose something different. I think that answers your question
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  6. A Medieval themed hunt would be fantastic.

    Mafia would be great as well and you can even add the pvp aspect to it if you wanted.
  7. I use age regression to cope with past situations,darker shit than you can possibly're ignorant and I don't even care if I get banned cause if they ban me for defending my choices then the game is broken to it's core.
    And do me a favour, before you speak and bash ppl read, read a lot daddy dom / little girl is much more than your thick head can possibly image and you have no idea what you're missing out on.
    Plus this is a suggestion your suggestions and stop judging other ppls wishes..all you do is make ppl realise that they can't be honest ^_^
  8. Omg a mafia hunt would be great 😭 365 Days was about mafias too but they focused on the BDSM aspect of it so they missed out on a lot 😂 support! ✊😤💕
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  9. I’m sure this has been suggested before but hear me out on this: Alien Hunt!

    Stats could be bottled galaxy, planets, alien/star plushies, space ray gun, moon rocks??

    There could be some astronaut avis and alien Avis (blue, green, purple skin with neon/bleach/rainbow hair?? Yeah?!)

    okay, but seriously I’m also throwing a vote for Disney villains because AHMAZINGG
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  10. I was respectful to everyone I spoke with about this topic because I believe that once you become rude and disrespectful that it invalidates your argument which is what you’re doing right now. Not only that but people who have experienced “darker shit” agreed with me and said I was accurately representing them but oh well lol. Hope you find another place to store this aggression tho! maybe try meditation or painting 💕xoxo
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  11. I understand why you’re disappointed by that but if you’ve seen the “Avatars in Real” thread then you’d know they’ve been doing this for awhile. Not saying that makes it any better though.
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  12. oh yeah I’ve seen it, the difference I feel is that those are typically just regular people whereas with drag queens their look is made by them, it’s their livelihood, and it's their passion, yknow?
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  13. Yeah I get the difference. I mean they can easily get sued for using it if it isn’t public domain (it’s happened before). If the drag queen finds out and doesn’t like how the devs did it and/or is annoyed that they didn’t receive credit then they can always take a legal approach or just reach out to them (Ata) about it.
  14. thats always true, I just wish ATA could take more precautions to avoid it but oh well, I guess it’s not like I’m the one getting sued lmao
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  15. The current hunt's desk gives me coffee shop vibes, and I realised that would be a nice theme to do sometime. Either a cozy little coffee shop or the dorm of a coffee shop regular (like tumblr hipsters, I guess, who read books and drink coffee and have fandom merch). I know it's clichè though
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  16. Something like Star wars Series type hunt... Like an spaceship hunt type😅
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  17. Can we do Sanrio!!!! Hello kitty, My melody etc. That would be super cute!! 💕🥺💕
  18. anime hunt
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  19. Sanrio is a trademarked brand, they’d have to make a knockoff