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  1. Hey Guys and Gays (sorry for those words) Anyways this thread is all about AVATARS. I'm just curious if some avatars have there own inspiration thingy like a real image of it. Like my friend send to me.

    Remember the Valentines Hunt. The hot avatar.

    As i was saying my friend send me a photo of it that just the same as the avatar but this was a real "person"

    So if you know some avatars with there real "person" of it. Just post it here. Let see people think of those!!

    PS. I don't know if someone did this thread already cause if yes. Forgive me.
  2. This isn't the first one. The helvetica avi too was inspired from a rl person. I don't have the picture though.
  3. There's Katy Perry, a couple of Drakes, Rihanna, I find it sad that none of the people get credit for their images even though ATA makes money off of it (ecs for cats for hunts that have a celebrity VIP avi)
  4. This was my alt i didn't notice hahahaha. Well it will be fun if you guys have photos of it :)
  5. I know that hipster Ariel avatar was a rip-off of some girl on Instagram.
    She went on a rant about it a while back.
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  6. I agree. No credits gosh. So sad
  7. No photos huhuhuhu :'(
  8. Lol there is a difference between "inspired" and completely ripping off the image ,js..
    Even the highlights on the dudes hair are there, except on the Ava it makes him look like he's middle aged :? :?
    It's funny how that was completely misjudged by whomever(whatever software??)drew the avatar :?

  9. Oww this is...
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  10. Calm down :)
  11. No support
  12. Lmao looks just like her
  13. What the hell was googled in order to find that pic?¿ I find that more messy than ATA ripping it off.
  14. Indeed!!
  15. SB Wannabe Rapper is James Franco from spring breakers
    Star Leige is Star Lord from GoG
    Game of cliques hunt ava are mostly bassed on GOT characters
    There are 2 drake avatars
    There's a Rihanna avatar
    There are more I can't recall atm but majority of hunt avas are bassed on famous people

  16. I don't know how to make these next to each other but here.
    Right down to the finger nails.