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    Guide to Wars

    By Atlas and Day
    Hi everyone! Since the original How to War guide was made in 2013, we decided to update it. Please wall either @Atlas or @Day if you have any ideas or criticism pertaining to the guide.

    Preparing for War

    Read the Rules
    All wars have rules! Rules are set by the host and typically are made with the intention to keep the War as fair as possible. In most cases, failure to adhere to these rules may result in the player being removed from the roster, so be sure to read carefully.

    Upgrading your stats is often asked to be completed before a certain date so that the organizers can properly balance the war.

    Having tutors that give you both max plunder and also a good stat bonus is important. For more information regarding max plunder, check out this guide.

    Additionally, most wars do not permit the hiring of tutors from the opposing team.

    Attack & Defense Items
    Attack and Defense items are consumable items found in the store that can be used in parties, wars, and PvP. These items, often referred to as “pots” (short for potions), give players a higher chance of winning an attack. Pots are offered at a range of stats and can be intelligence or strength based.

    Attack items can be selected individually or you can use ‘select all’ when hitting other players. Selecting all items will only consume the attack pots, items such as pizza bikinis, hypnocats, or invites will not be consumed and will reappear in full after restarting your game.

    Defense items will be used automatically when owned and if necessary to defend against an attack.

    Here is a current list of all Attack Items:
    Protein Smoothie / 39EC / Adds 10% to your Strength attack for 30 minutes.
    Ginseng Smoothie / 39EC / Adds 10% to your Intelligence attack for 30 minutes.
    Bag of Chips / 2,450 Cash / +4,900 Strength
    Blackmail Photos / 2,450 Cash / +4,900 Intelligence
    ElectrolyteZ Sports Drink / 9,500 Cash / +15,000 Strength
    Beer / 9,500 Cash / +15,000 Intelligence
    Muscle Milkshake / 28,000 Cash / +65,000 Strength
    Fake Love Letter / 28,000 Cash / +65,000 Intelligence
    Grilled Steak / 60,000 Cash / +65,000 Strength
    Dancing Shoes / 60,000 Cash / +140,000 Intelligence
    Bottle of Wine / 110,000 Cash / +300,000 Strength
    Cherry Bomb / 300,000 Cash / +1,000,000 Strength
    Fake Money / 300,000 Cash / +1,000,000 Intelligence
    Paintball Gun / 930,000 Cash / +10,000,000 Strength
    New Spice Bodywash / 930,000 Cash / +10,000,000 Intelligence​

    Here is a current list of all Defense Items:
    Vitamin Smoothie / 39EC / Adds 10% to your Strength defense for 30 minutes.
    Caffeine Smoothie / 39EC / Adds 10% to your Intelligence defense for 30 minutes.
    Coffee / 1,225 Cash / +4,900 Strength
    Physics Textbook / 1,225 Cash / +4,900 Intelligence
    Purple Bull Energy Drink / 4,750 Cash / +15,000 Strength
    Spy Camera / 4,750 Cash / +15,000 Intelligence
    Mom’s Care Package / 14,000 Cash / +65,000 Strength
    Laptop / 14,000 Cash / +65,000 Intelligence
    Smelly Socks / 30,000 Cash / +140,000 Strength
    Sneezing Powder / 30,000 Cash / +140,000 Intelligence
    Brownies / 110,000 Cash / +300,000 Strength
    Boxing Gloves / 150,000 Cash / +1,000,000 Strength
    Spy Sunglasses / 150,000 Cash / +1,000,000 Intelligence
    Booby Trap / 300,000 Cash / +10,000,000 Intelligence
    Jock Strap / 465,000 Cash / +10,000,000 Strength​

    Hide Cash
    After buying pots, any extra cash should be hidden so as to not lose it during war. Typically, players will ask friends who are not warring to borrow tutors to hide their cash so there is no loss of cash. Alternatively, you can purchase PIMDBanks or deposit cash in the bank. PIMDBanks will have a loss of 25% and the bank will have a loss of 20%.

    If you don’t have much cash, you can also ask friends or use an alt to hold cash for you in the form of gifts, rejecting the gifts will return your cash in full.

    What to Equip
    Prior to joining the war, you should choose your highest % avi. If you do not have a high enough even % avi, then you should use your highest % avi that corresponds to your build to aid you in your attacks properly. You can not change avatars during a war.

    Your dorm can be altered during the war, but it is most beneficial to have your highest leveled furniture equipped in your dorm at all times even if it is not the most aesthetically pleasing.

    Equip your highest % pet. Costumes currently add no extra bonuses. ​

    Declaring War

    To initiate a War, go to the Club Page of the club you would like to War with and tap the button below the club name.
    Only the president, vps, and execs of a club can challenge another club to war. Check below for examples! Android is on the left, and iOS is on the right.

    Accepting War

    In order for a war to progress, admins from both clubs need to accept the challenge. These admins will be made active in the war roster. Each side has between 2-8 hours to accept depending on the duration of the war.
    After the conditions to start the war are met, your screen should look like the examples below. iOS is on the left and Android is on the right.

    Joining the War

    To join the war, you can press the orange button shown below:
    Or, you can hit any player that is already on the active roster of the opposing team.

    It is typically advised not to join the war until it has officially started so that the opposing team has less targets to start with.

    Forfeiting the War

    Only the president of a club can forfeit the war. This option is only available once the war is at least halfway through its duration. Forfeiting will make the opposing team win regardless of the current score.

    During the War

    Dates help boost your chance of success when hitting or defending against other players and come in different variations for both intelligence and strength.
    Here is a current list of all Attack Dates:
    Gym / 80M Cash / +10M Strength for 1 hour
    Study Date / 80M Cash / +10M Intelligence for 1 hour
    Yoga / 8M Cash / +1M Strength for 1 hour
    Library / 8M Cash / +1M Intelligence for 1 hour

    Here is a current list of all Defense Dates:
    Dog Walk / 40M Cash / +10M Strength for 1 hour
    Foreign Movie / 40M Cash / +10M Intelligence for 1 hour
    Hike / 4M Cash / +1M Strength for 1 hour
    Art Gallery / 4M Cash /+1M Intelligence for 1 hour

    Reporting Hits
    Reporting hits is a crucial aspect of war and allows your team to know which members of the other team are active. When reporting, you’ll announce all hits you give and receive in club chat like this:

    Successful Hits/Total Hits, Type of Hit, Not Pinned/Pinned and Minute Pinned, PlayerName

    Let’s try it out! To make this easier, I’ll be using the same number of hits on each example.

    If you hit a player 16 total times on Fight, and land 10 of the hits, but did not pin them it would look like:

    10/16f np PlayerName

    However, if you hit a player the same amount of times but pinned them at 1:31pm, it would look more like this:

    10/16f p:31 PlayerName

    And lastly, if you are receiving incoming hits with the same amount mentioned before, it would look like this:

    Inc 10/16f PlayerName

    Doctor’s Notes
    There is a limit of 6 DNs per player during a war. A common tactic that clubs use during war is to wait and use a DN at the same time, so be sure to pay attention to CC to ensure that you’re informed of when to best use a DN.

    While this isn’t required, wars typically function better if there is a leader. The leader will find and call out targets to hit and keep CA up to date with cows. This will ensure that everyone acts as a team to gain the most plunder. If you are not leading, please try to follow your leader.

    Leadership Suggestions:
    This is a job that requires a lot of activity during the war, you can always switch off with another player partway through though. You should be watching the roster for players who are plundering to pin them and turn them into cows. Alternatively, a good cow is someone who gives good plunder, this is typically a weak but higher stat player. You should be aware of how long it has been since the team has swept the cows and make sure they are pinned manageably before adding new targets. Be sure to change out the cows every so often to make sure you are focusing the players who are plundering the most.

    Depending on the stat range of players in the war, you may want to pick high and low targets for different stat groups of players to increase wins.

    Don’t forget to remind players to check dates occasionally during the war.

    A good time to consider a group DN is when you are trying to pin high plundering players very quickly or when many players who give good plunder are up. This should boost your plunder.

    War Types

    After deciding on what club to war with, you can choose between the different types of wars:
    Food Fight: Let them eat cake!
    Duration: 4 hours
    Starts in 1 hour and 30 minutes
    Dorm Raid: Toilet paper will be the least of your rivals’ worries.
    Duration: 6 hours
    Starts in 1 hour and 30 minutes
    War: When all else fails.
    Duration: 1 day
    Starts in 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Locked vs. Unlocked Rosters

    Locked Rosters require all participants that wish to take part in the war to be in the club before the war begins. After the war is active, new participants can not be added and participants who leave the club can not rejoin the war.

    Unlocked Rosters allow participants to join in at any point during the war. Even if a participant has missed the bulk of the war, they can still join with no repercussions. However, if you are active in the war and have earned plunder, leaving prior to the end of the war will subtract the plunder you collected from the club total. This cannot be undone by rejoining.


    A player that is kept pinned during war for easy cash. Cows are usually denoted in the format of: 🐮PlayerName🐮

    ‘Defender Too Weak’. This occurs when a player doesn’t have enough regen for others to be able to hit them. They may still be eavesdropped though.

    Short for ‘incoming’ hits, which is when you are hit by another player regardless of if it is a successful hit or not.

    Players who are added to the roster while the war is active. These players can be any size and typically can join any side.

    Hitting players who are sending inc with the intent to lower the opponent’s regen so that players on your side can regen without being hit.

    Hitting a player until their energy is low enough to show DTW. Essentially pinning a player down so they can’t do anything.

    Plunder refers to the money your club makes during the war. The amount of plunder changes throughout the war as both sides continue to hit each other. This is also the deciding factor as to which side wins the war.

    It is advised to pattern hit during war due to decreasing plunder with lower regen. This is typically something along the lines of 2-2-1, the -’s referring to a 5 minute waiting period to regen.

    This refers to regenerating energy, or the strength and intelligence bars that you see at the top of your screen.

    Self Pinning
    A technique in which a player intentionally uses all of their regen and keeps themselves DTW for the purpose of avoiding hits.

    This is used when players ‘sweep’ ca/cows. This means checking the cows from left to right to ensure they are still pinned.

    A target is a player that an individual or group in the war is focused on hitting for a set amount of time. They are usually denoted in the format of: 🎯PlayerName🎯

    When a player is ’up’, that means that they are out of pin.

    Basics of Hosting Your Own War

    Advertise & Collect Signups
    When advertising, you will need to provide:
    - the date & time of the war
    - the length of the war
    - the stat minimum, if there is one
    - where to sign up
    - the date when signups close
    - the date players cannot upgrade past
    - (optional) the names of the warring clubs, oftentimes there are themed wars

    Signups can be collected however is easiest for you. Commonly, players ask for signups on a wall or on a forum thread. Hosts will often ask players to include their stats in their post so they can avoid the hassle checking everyone’s profile. Occasionally hosts will ask for a preferred war side during themed wars, though this does make the roster slightly harder to balance and it is likely that not everyone will get their preferred pick.

    Compile List & Balance Teams
    Once the signups are complete, you should make a list of the players and their stats. Doing this process on Excel or Sheets is recommended. You can sort by stats and separate them about equally so that the war is as balanced as possible. Occasionally, when hosting larger wars with leaderboard players, you will want to check their misc or tutor lb ranking to get a more accurate understanding of their comparison to other players.

    You should also consider the players who will be leading each side of the war and place them accordingly.

    Posting Rosters & Contacting Players
    Post your club rosters where convenient, commonly these are posted on the original war thread or on the warring club’s walls. Be sure to contact members to let them know the rosters have been posted and contact them again on the day of the war to make sure they remember to show up.
    If you have cancelations, you should advertise spots for substitutions of similar stats to keep the war as balanced as possible. There are typically a few no-shows on warring days for whatever reasons, so don’t be discouraged, you can always find some last minute subs or move a few players around if need be. Don’t worry about it too much though cause plunder directly depends on the activity of the players during war.

    War & Have Fun!

    Appreciation & Credits
    Special thanks to Lyssa for adding in the last segment about hosting and editing! You’re a star and I strongly appreciate your efforts within forums and guides

    Big thank you to Day and Lyssa for their impeccable work, as always. Love y'all both and appreciate the effort you give to every guide.

    Thank you to the creator of the original guide, How to War, that provided the base information for this guide.

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