Guide to the Dorm Tower

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  1. skip the tiers, so you’ll upgrade 9>max then 11> max

    and for 10’s, upgrade once, then 11
  2. Your stats will jump more 7>9 because t8 lvl4 is less stats (this follows the same example for all tiers) than 9 lvl1

    same for t11 lvl4, they are barely less stats than t12 lvl1, so it’s not worth it to max t11 (you spend like 20t+ lol) and get incremental stat increase for wasting trillions essentially
  3. the answer to this is yes and no

    you can get 9’s and max them, go to 11’s and max them, go to 13’s etc

    or you can go to 11, 11, etc and so on

    the answer is up to you, there is not a “better way to do it”

    in my build, I went 9> max, then 11>lvl2 right away

    I feel this is the best option until you know t13 prices, since you don’t want to overspend 25t or more per dormmate (you lose the first 80% of the lvl1 initial dormmate, and the others give you 100% back refund when exchanging up) just for some stats

    If you can save money and dns, etc., then it will be easier on you and your wallet :)
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  7. Anyone know what overall stats each tier gives you? Like the stats that actually go on your profile, not the stats they show you when selecting the dorm mates.
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  8. The stats listed in the current thread actually indicates stats on ur profile. Alternatively, if u want a overview, you can refer to this thread (for dormmates up till T11). The Strength+ and Intel+ column indicates the stat that'll be displayed on ur profile.
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  9. Cost of Rooms
    R81: 38.2T
    R82: 39.5T
    R83: 40.7T
    R84: 42T
    R85: 43.5T
    R86: 45T
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  10. Moving from t7 to t8 is 284b not 300b...
    Im moving tier by tier and to be honest it's much more enjoyable and less boring + I'm upgrading fast .

    Most people are saying move odd tiers to save money or whatsoever.
    But there is the time factor that u are waiting to get that t9 while the tier by tier guys are getting more money from parties + increase in max plunder with every upgrade

    If anyone knows the exact calculations I would love you to guide me exactly .
  11. The increased plunder from parties is not worth the extra cost of dormies.
    Can't be. It's almost a 100% increase in cost to buy every tier. Skipping every second tier literally costs half with a slight dip to upgrade rate.

    Especially if a significant portion of your income actually comes from volleying tutors and not parties.

    Maybe if you only party, the extra plunder would be worth it... But this would be highly unlikely.

    You could try calculating it but the numbers in my head look so far apart... It's day and night.
  12. So the change from going tier by tier to skipping tiers is big chunks of money?