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  1. It’s usually referring to Cat Cafe. But it can also mean Club Chat or Cabana Cool.
  2. saw that i can subscribe 20percent of events drop on shop. what does that means?
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  4. How do I start a new profile
  5. disconnect?
  6. What is antique ring and mirror please guide me about these item's features
  7. They were items that you could collect during the Golden Age Hunt. When you collect a set amount of both they combine into different avatars.
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  8. ☞ You will need a certain combination of both the Mirror and Ring to create an avatar! Here's a breakdown:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ☞ These won't need an activator so they'll auto-combine once you collect enough of each shard type.
    ☞ To prevent your shards from auto-combining, trade some away to a trusted friend or an alt!
    ☞ You will have to get the lower stat avatars before you can earn the higher stat ones!

    Taken from this thread.
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  9. Do you need any type of misc?
  10. Misc for?
  11. To combine them lol
  12. Ah no. They autocombine when you have the correct amount.
  13. (btw- the word you were looking for was “activators”) ;^)
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  14. Lol ok
  15. How do you ask for a friend to send you a gift
  16. You can wall them or send them a personal message or even send them a gift with a message asking them to send one in return
  17. I don't know if I'm losing g my mind or if other people were fighting me. But I feel like I lost money somewhere in between. Just was wondering if you there's anyway to find out. If not thats ok 😊👍 Thank you for your time🌺
  18. Hey there! Im having issues with my spinner. Specifically, its gone. I get tantalizing glimpses of it when I switch screens, but thats it. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. None of my other accounts have this issue, but it follows this one from device to device. What do I do?
  19. I’d contact support. Regular players don’t have the ability to assist you with this issue.
  20. What are the chances of the wrong one combining? For example, you want the female one, do you need the exact amount for it to combine into the female avatar and not the male one? Thank you in advance ♡