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  1. You mean slang?
  2. Locations:
    Cc (club chat, or campus chat)
    Wc (campus chat or world chat)
    Tc (tutor chat)
    Pm (personal messages)
    Follow (means to add someone)

    Trade lingo:
    Bento (Set made out of pimdinis)
    Chibi (Pimdini; an item that drops permanently from the spinner)
    C (chibi)
    O (bento)
    Mcs/misc/stats (Main Story Rewards, items earnt by completing the main story of a hunt.)
    Dvp (drop volley profit)
    Ts (tutor strip)
    Sell/Buy (trade for or with bentos, chibis, dvp, ts, or something the person considers currency)
    Trade (sell or buy -ambiguous- something with other things, could involve currency)
    Wmo (Wall me offer)
    Pmo (pm me offer)
    TT (Trusted Trader)

    Aspects of your account:
    M (Millions of pimd bucks)
    B (Billions of pimd bucks)
    T (Trillions of pimd bucks)
    "stats" (Your base stats, located on the main page of your profile next to your hire value)
    cs, kcs, mcs (combined stats -strength+intelligence-, kilo -1000- combined stats, million combined stats)
    Mb = miscellaneous bonus
    Tb = Tutor bonus
    Rsb = Rs bonus

    Pvp (player vs player) :
    Sp (self pin)
    Pp (prank pin)
    Sfw (strip farm war)
    Sf (strip farm)
    Dtw (defender too weak)
    Dts (defender too strong)
    FL (fight losses)
    BL (Battle List, meet people list)

    FA101 (Fake Art 101)
    DIY (DIY Tattoo)
    CC (counter culture of cat cafe or cabana cool)
    PPA (Pizza Pop Art)
    RKS (Restless Keg Syndrome)
    FF (Frisbee Follies)
    PP (Prank Primer)
    etc. there are lots of parties.

    That should be a decent list, follow or pm me if you need more, alternatively, there's a whole thread for that with the terms in alphabetical order.
  3. Can someone explain what farm really is????
  4. It’s when you repeatedly hit another player and only stop when they pay a CF (Ceasefire) or you just get bored of hitting them then move on.
  5. Whats CF ceasefire
  6. It’s a form of payment. Say you’re being farmed, occasionally a farmer will leave a message (wall post, gift, pm) that says “Pay CF to stop hits”. The CF is normally some amount of misc of bentos, sometimes you may have to break rs in order to not be farmed. A CF can never be a piece of furniture or anything else ec (extra credit) related as it is against TOU (Terms Of Use)
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  7. What is bb
  8. Bulletin board
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  9. Buddy box
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  12. How can I create a help ticket and where can I find where to do it? I never use forums.
  13. Anyone help with my problem I'm lost in the woods
  14. Go to the main page, then click the icon in the upper left hand corner. From there, select Help.