Could you maybe help explain how pricing works?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. Valid ig
  2. Lol i got called a scammer coz 'spinner sets have never been worth 1b each' even when i had proof of it. That fuckr is still spreading them lies about me
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  3. I always ask bends on furni prices 😢 stats i sell for the same as always
  4. Even some of the old default sets have gone up in value. I once thought they would always be worth less than a bento but like the ones before squid sir are worth more than that.
  5. I always thort they was 1b. Was hard to change the newer ones to 20c
  6. New new ones can be less. I bought 5 of the snakes from someone for a bento. Their offer. I don't even try to buy new sets.
  7. Miss the days when spinner sets were worth a bento
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  8. Another boring thread from this Sally. ATA limit this Sally’s posts limit please. Haha taking ss of app games - sad : (
  9. Heey Tru
  10. i remember, a year ago, i traded my 10 bento and 2 mcs for 1 darth gnome. Pls tell me if that is too OP πŸ˜‚
  11. It would have been. I usually try to buy those for up to 4🍱 and sell for 6-7🍱
    But if they get more popular, in this market, they are punching for 10.
  12. Ohh i seee. . How about others like glass planter, etc. Is it same price with gnome or no?
  13. HUH where did you hear that
  14. probably in his nightmares
  15. I was trying to buy or sell story rewards from someone and they said that I was scamming them by having a different price than what a dev had said.
    At least that was their justification when I queried them on what they based that price on.
  16. Sounds like they pulled it out of their ass because they didn't like your price tbh
  17. They spoke specifically about a discord price.
    It's a weird lie to make up. It might not have been a grand announcement by the developer but there's an ignorant authority.
  18. Perhaps they're confusing a mod with a dev then? Devs have never spoken on pricing in Discord, and some mods do provide price checks upon request
  19. Perhaps and once again, ignorant authorities misleading people about the market and holding a lot of power to change it, especially when mod and dev can be confused, or when people think mods are professionals who have been paid, etc.