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  1. To my beloved
    When with u it's like the stars shine on me and when we part it is like the heavenly punishment don't know the reason I think of u but my heart feels the pain being not able to see u .for ever u are my everytime for once let me be with u
  2. through the valleys and the streams

    over every mountain your light beams

    a beauty among women a true Queen

    a pillar upon which I lean

    my love and my life

    the one ill take as my wife

    our love will remain true

    even when we say i do
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  3. Roses are RED
    Violets are BLUE
    You are the best boyfriend ever
    And I love u!❤❤
  4. Dear Romeo

    You rob my heart, now I'm empty and feeling stolen
    Don't break your promises, even it is meant to be broken
    I'll hope someday you will fight
    Gonna make us again, reunite

    Without you I don't want to take a rest
    You had passed through my vest
    Please come back to my side
    Knowing his feelings will never subside

    Would you come back and fight for me
    Or you had fallen out of love deeply
    Even with all this uncertainty
    I'll wait for you even until eternity

    Then we'll buy a book with empty pages
    Write a story together , fixing the damages
    Hold my hand and take your pen
    Let's show to all that fairytales really do happen.
  5. Say Yes... Juliet
    Many things I would like to say
    But here I am now, I'm too faraway
    Milady, I love you from the start
    Until the day we fall apart

    In the midst of nowhere I found you
    Now I'm lost her trying my way out to
    Defining sound of vocancy
    When fate separates you and me

    I'm not gonna give up on my movements
    I'll just keep on chasing in this pavements
    Now that I really have to work
    From the start I now your worth

    Rose's are red, violets are blue
    Now I'm empty without you
    Your my Aphrodite and I'm your Adonis
    Or maybe perhaps I'm your Ares
  6. Dear, lover.

    How the sun shines in your eyes
    You look at me and I can hear the songs of the angels’ cries.
    For such a beauty that is so unmatched,
    I can’t help but want our hearts to be latched.
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  7. Makuhita

    A. Let down loose flower,arouse?
    A. Another day,another shiver
    A.Didn't emphasize the turning stakes just by giving it water.
    A.Cold as ice,numb as the wind
    A. Come any closer,and you'll be with me forever.
    Deepesf depths of the earth~

    C. Its better playing eith swords
    C. Ellegantly,swiping by those of blades
    C. Bloodlusts from affection
    C. Regain strong appeal with our love.

    T. This abide my stringed hearts to you
    T. Controlling and manipulating,at a distant
    T. Those of bats never used their own ability
    T. Just like me,I see you anywhere

    Cecilion ~
  9. To my wife,

    I love it when you smile,
    You're my sunshine and a sweet wine,
    I love it when you moan my name
    But it's such a shame 🌚😂

    You make me so wet
    By the pee of your pet 😕
    You're eyes, nose and ears
    Will never make me tear

    I chose you like 100 times and a few
    All I can say is I LOVE YOU
  10. Hello traveller,

    Underneath the fortressed oak
    Resides a jaded bloke.
    Donning a worn cloak,
    Bearing the defeated look.
    His trust has been rooked,
    His heart indefinitely broke.
    Still his faith unshook,
    Knowing you’ll share his yoke.

    Do you take this quest?
  11. I found my value in your eyes,
    And my place in your heart,
    Walk together in our lives,
    Forever til the end of path.
  12. The sky is blue,
    And that’s how I feel,
    I love him so much,
    I cope and I deal,
    So why put myself through all this pain,
    Because without him there’d be more pain,
    As the days goes by his love declines,
    And everyday I look into his eyes,
    To find what was once there,
    What I wish it to be,
    The love he once had,
    His love for me.

    #Love Hurts
  13. I remember clearly
    The day that we met
    I think of you dearly
    Still you don’t notice me yet

    I remember when I saw you
    I thought of happiness
    My heart is yours, I belong to you
    You’re my strength, finesse and weakness

    Maybe I’m too late
    Or it’s not my time
    I’ll still love you
    Too bad you don’t feel it too

    From TIA
    To my Pimd crush💋
  15. My Darling,
    You're The Only Person Made For Me,
    I Want You To Stay By My Side,
    I Will Go Anywhere,
    As Long As You're With Me....💖
  16. My dearest love
    You will always be in my heart wether you are across the ocean or across the room from me u will always be with me in my heart 💖
  17. My love
    You have made my life so much better
    From the day we started dating
    I know you'll be the for me through everything
    When I meet you and talked to you you took my breath away
    I loved every gift you sent
    You were there when I was being bullied and made me better
    If I know you montd before the 28th of July
    I would have asked you out sooner
    I was scared if you wouldn't like me
    But even then I couldn't help but think of you
    Every time I look at you or talk to you I get butterflies
    Even now we're together i get butterflies and I love them
    I love you and everything about you
    I fall more in love with you everyday
    you always comfort me and I love it
    Most importantly I look you and only you
    You're unlikely anyone I've dated
    You make every day better then the last
    You fill my nights and days with joy
    I never want to lose you
    I hope we last for a very long time
    For i don't want to lose you
    I promise to stay loyal and be their for you
    I promise to love all your perk and flaws
    but most thing importantly
    I love you so much with all my heart
    You are mine and I'm yours no matter what
    Thank you for putting up with me
  18. Dearest Darling,

    You taste like the sea- as the bright dawn between our kisses steals tomorrow. With a tiny wave of a sweet unknown, quietly overpowers the hurricanes of wild chest butterflies; leaving the fairytale to exist, to melt into reality- And somewhere, a current, a sea of you. I fall for you so already.

    Longing for you,
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