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  1. Y’all this ended months ago but sure go ahead if y’all wanna continue posting lmfao 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
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  2. Awakened

    I lay awake at night,

    Broken and shattered inside,

    Torment of a former life,

    The scars that never fade,

    Tears of my soul escaping,

    Until I met you,

    Piercing gleam of hope,

    A happiness that intoxicates you,

    Burning intrigue of desire,

    Containment of want,

    No longer I drown Into darkness,

    But long to be Awoken by Light- AB
  3. This contest has been over for a while, but you can all post your poems in the Poetry Thread.
  4. Dear luv

    When I looked to the heavens and thought I couldn't love it reminded me of you sweet as a dove sent from above swept me off my feet and sent me in a dream 😍
  5. Meet me at midnight,
    In the forest my dreams.
    We'll make a fire🔥
    And count the stars🌌
    That shimmers
    Above the trees.🌠
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  6. Dear Anonymous;

    I love you more then a clear blue sky,
    And I might not be able make you stay,
    But I'll hold you stable as a storm passes,
    Through the thunder as the ground trembles.

    Thank you for saving me,
    You showed me what true love was,
    Even when you couldn't save yourself.

    If you go down a road into a church,
    Go to the 3rd row to see herself perched,
    A green eyed angel
    Singing a sweet tune.
    And take the mirror home so you'll always see what I see in you.
  7. Lol when you thought you read everything then realize after posting that it was over 😂
  8. I’m not a writer in the slightest but these entries look super good! good luck to everybody entering! ❤️

    You asked me to turn away,
    'Cause you're awful that I might say,
    How I'm amazed by you everyday,
    With that hospital gown, you still slay.

    Your soggy body made you gray,
    From that chemo on your birthday.
    Reminiscing like it's just yesterday,
    With those moments I wished to stay.
  10. That was really beautiful... Are you gonna write again!?
  11. You can call her pretty
    She's not living in a city
    She's not afraid to face the reality
    But she keeps on wishing to have a better society

    So that she can live freely
    While looking at the sky
    Dreaming to fly
    But she still want to ask why
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  12. Today, we stockpile empathy.
    We supply love and good energy.
    We sing each other across buildings.
    We say 'I love you' through social distancing.

    Do you know that writing letters
    to our friends is back in fashion?
    And that we finally have time to read more books,whether historical or fiction.

    Even in sickness,this world
    is allowed to be beautiful.
    And we are still allowed to love it,
    for there is always room for hope.

    This is just me checking in
    sending you the moon as a poem,
    praying and wishing for all of us
    a speedy recovery.

    And if nothing else,
    There will always a poetry.
    We will always have poetry.

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  13. Axis

    We are nothing but two lost souls,
    Who wandered off above the stars.
    We played on the edges of comets,
    Found this hope between cosmic dusts.

    We are nothing but simple souls,
    Who wandered off the portals of time.
    We played on the edges of fire-balls,
    Found this love between stellar chimes.

    We are nothing but curious souls,
    Who wandered off the fabric of space.
    We played on the edges of our doubts,
    Found this faith between love to our race.

    We are nothing but naive souls,
    Who wandered off air sea and lands.
    We played on the edges of our roles,
    Found this truth as we hold hands.

    We are something ,
    Now two found souls,
    Atlast we will wander no more,
    Galaxies are in our shoulders,
    Today we belong to evermore.

    We maybe both simple souls,
    But with you i found my home.
    I'll be the axis even your walls,
    Today you are my beautiful world.
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  14. How long has it been
    since the last time I touched you.
    How long has it been
    since the last time I held you.
    Oh how long has it been
    since I last kissed your lips.
    My long distance lover. 💕
  15. 💖🖤My love🖤💖
    For I have wept for you,
    In my darkest days and hours,
    For you have given me life,
    All since you became mine,
    Now I am whole again ❣️
  16. Drunk on you
    Exchanging breath makes me tipsy
    In danger of needing more
    Can’t stand being without you
    So I’ll sit in the floor
    Please call ease to my withdrawals
    You are a habit I don’t want to break
  17. Changes

    Saying you loved me,
    while I'm looking at your eye
    knowing and feeling your love,
    But in the long run
    your love will fade.
    I do not know what's happening
    and you're gradually changing
    you do not love me anymore.
    I thought that one day everything changed
    as well as your love.
    Hoping that you told me
    you are not changing
    until I'm here right beside you.
    Because of the gradual changes you make,
    you are slowly hurting me too.
    Knowing that you do not want to see me hurt.
    Knowing that you do not want to see you I'm crying.
    But how do I feel right now?
    I hope you’d recognize already
    for now to be avoided.
    Did I make my mistakes?
    Am I missing that?
    is it that chasing?
    To hurt me too much?
    Did I not expect to suddenly say sorry.
    Suddenly I come because I do not know why?
    You say you love others and you love her more than me.
    When I heard those words.
    My heart was crushing.
    Turning away and my tears drifted slowly from my eyes
    and I left you where you are.
  18. Dear anonomous,

    (This isn't really a love letter, but I wanted to take this opportunity to speard self love)

    Your body is beautiful and perfect! Every stretch mark, and scar holds a unique story. Don't look at your scars like they are ugly, because your scars are what make you, you! There will be people who will try to knock you down, but I believe that EVERYONE has the strength to get back up and keep going! I love you because you are YOU, dont change for anyone you beatiful human being😊

    your secret admirer
  19. Beautiful writing! Just so you all know, this contest is over...but you can keep posting your creative work in the Poetry Thread.
  20. To: The Sweetest Alien I Know:oops:

    "I never imagine u can make my heart sing

    And give colors to my gray and dull world
    But you pierce it like how a bee sting
    Something you can't forget till you're old"
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