LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Brand New VIP Champagne Box Avatars, Furniture & Items! πŸ–€β˜ οΈ

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    You may need these Ouroboroi below to combine them into two of the avatars above!





    Content Moving to the Champagne Legacy Box

    The Champagne Legacy Box

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    With these new additions, the following content are
    and moving over to the

    VIP Avatars
    Dark Flame
    Neoteric Goth
    Dark Flame (VIP)
    Neoteric Goth (VIP)
    Grave Manners
    Dusk and Dawn
    Grave Manners (VIP)
    Dusk and Dawn (VIP)
    Dark Star
    Midnight Rose
    Dark Star (VIP)
    Midnight Rose (VIP)
    Sheer Power
    Queen of the Night
    Sheer Power (VIP)
    Queen of the Night (VIP)

    VIP Furniture
    Grunge-Chic Walls
    Grunge-Chic Floor
    The B Side
    The World of Grunge
    Grunge-Chic Lamp
    Heart of Thorns Vase
    Grunge-Chic Guitar
    Grunge-Chic Nightstand
    Retro-Sleek Nightstand
    Grunge-Chic Camera Lamp
    Grunge-Chic Vine Floor Lamp
    The Time of Industry
    Art Everlasting
    The Past in Bindings
    Grunge-Chic Armchair
    Grunge-Chic Bookcase
    Grunge-Chic Rug
    Grunge-Chic Couch
    Retro-Sleek Bed
    Retro-Sleek Drafting Table
    Grunge-Chic Desk
    Purrmina the Chic Kitty
    Stone and Melvin
    Closet of Understated Class
    Balcony on a Foggy City

    What's All This Then?!

    How Can I Get My Hands On a VIP Champagne Box?
    ☞ You get one each day as part of your daily rewards as a member of the PIMD VIP Lounge!

    How Do I Become a Member?
    ☞ Simply head to the Store, swipe over the VIP Lounge tab, and purchase membership for $19.99 USD!

    What Else Do I Get from Being a VIP?
    ☞ When purchased, VIP members are entitled to 7 full days of:
    25% extra Cash from Parties, 3x more Prize Tokens when you earn them from video ads or the 'Free Tokens' button, and a Daily Rewards Bundle containing ECs, DNs, PIMKeys, and the VIP Champagne Box!

    * * * * *

    See our original post for more info!

    RENEW your VIP Membership today! The Lounge awaits you.

  2. Omg, I’m in love.
  3. These are amazing!!!
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  4. Aye someoen mentioned the 7 deadly sins this is awesome tho
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  5. Lust tho🌝
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  6. These avis got me feeling delightfully sinful myself.
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  7. Love that dorm
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  8. You might have to take my money πŸ‘€πŸ–€
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  9. i cant wait to go broke buying more avatars lesgooo
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  10. Goodbye money <3
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  11. They’re .. fine? Not great in my opinion.
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  12. wouldve prefer to have these as shard avis instead of vip avis πŸ˜” missing out here smh
  13. Okayyy Love 😍
  14. Soo...when they show us the real sin avis,all I see are just the usually avis ata could think of.
  15. Interesting concept, the sins. I like it. Enjoy, VIPs.
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  16. So this is what we doing πŸ‘€
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  17. green is male right or
  18. Woohoooo!!! Love that Wrath avatar 😎 Thank you ATA!!
  19. Ouroboroi avis are likely Greed, there are only 7deadly sins not 8 and greed is listed twice. Makes sense since you’d have to spend money to get VIP boxes. Would have like to see pride as the shard avi though as it’s the original sin.