LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Black History Month 2023

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  1. Every year we say it, and every year it becomes more true. As developers it is our responsibility to have our players be able to see themselves represented in media. We continue to work together, and do our best to include a variety of identities that reflect the diversity of our community. With each new piece of content we launch, we strive to ensure these standards are upheld as we push for growth. Being able to represent yourself is critical in the fight against discrimination and adversity.

    For Black History Month 2023, we've once again consulted with the talented Nneka Myers. Nneka is a Canadian illustrator and character designer for TV animation. She has also produced artwork for a number of children's books with a focus on Black voices. We encourage you to check out what she has gotten up to in the last year!

    Consulting with Nneka is always a pleasure, and she provided a wonderful perspective to make sure this year's Avatars and Furniture represented our audience well. For 2023, we wanted to showcase the influence Black urban fashion continues to have on pop culture. We paid homage to 90's Hip-Hop styles for the avatars, while including African rattan furniture and street murals inspired by the Black culture of this era.

    We're thrilled to showcase this year's content and celebrate Black voices. If you have thoughts, or feedback, please don't hesitate to share in the comments and let us know what inspirations you'd like to see us draw on in the future!

    -The ATA Fam



    In celebration of Black History Month we wanted to make sure these avatars are more accessible, so we made them available to all for 💎5 ECs each. The VIP versions are available using Avatar Coins which can be purchased from Molly's Corner or the PIMD Web Store!


    VIP Avatars



    February Items are here until noon PST on March 1st, 2023!
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    Beaded Necklace
    Shimmy The Serval
    Purple Tape Deck
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    Super Fresh Feline
    Available through the Prize Spinner and February Timer Boxes until March 1st, 2023 at noon PST!


    Available through the Furniture Store and the Winter 2023 Furniture Box!

    Timer Box

    February Timer Boxes have a chance to drop:
    ☞ February Spinner Items
    ☞ February Avatars
    ☞ ✨Avatar Coins✨
    The content inside this Timer Box will be available until noon PST on March 1st 2023, as is tradition.[/I]


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  2. Happy one year of not having 3 male monthly Avis 🥲
  3. I love when February comes around! The Avis make me feel so happy and each year gets better. Thank you!
  4. Why are you doing this to black people during black history month?

    I know there are black people in Canada which is why I’m failing to understand how you guys missed the mark so hard on black fashion from the 90s. Hell I would’ve loved to have seen the avis represent different 90s fashion trends to show the versatility of black fashion. I mean the Block Partier is at least a semi decent nod to Will Smith in Fresh Prince which honestly maybe you guys should’ve just gone for a Fresh Prince theme overall with obvious differences to avoid a lawsuit or copyright.

    Overall, this is just disappointing well other than the hairs. The hairs actually look nice but that’s about it.
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  5. Love the 499! 💕
  6. The furniture looks amazing! Thank you!
  7. Bruh
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  8. That was my pre-typed response but after reading and finding out that y’all actually consulted with a black-Canadian and this is the end result is actually even more disappointing with those outfits.
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  9. Happy Black History Month!
  10. This definitely could have been so much better. The 90's and African theme is so played out now.
  11. THIS. 🤌🏽
  12. These are perfect!!!!!! Thank you
  13. The 13 coin avas are decent. The rest is a miss.
  14. I like these
  15. I WANT THE 499!!
  16. This is your monthly obligatory complaint post about no 3rd male avi.
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  17. I like the avis, but I’d like them more if there was a different theme yall were going for. The only ones that give off a 90’s hip-hop vibe to me are 13avi coin guy and 62avi coin gal. Spinner is hella cute tho, and I love the furni.

    That being said, it would be nice if next years BHM furni stepped away from the mostly African influence and represented more towards the modern African-American/African-Canadian experience. I think it would be helpful to remember that BHM started with the intention of recognizing the contributions that black americans made to society/culture despite being in a hostile environment of constant oppression. It’s starting to feel like defaulting to majority African culture is a crutch, especially considering the experiences of African American/Canadians is quite different than those experienced by native Africans in Africa. Hopefully that makes sense.
  18. I hate like, 99% of this. I lived thru the 90s and that was more than enough; if I never saw that kind of fashion/style again there wouldn’t be a single tear shed.

    That 499 tho… 😍
  19. Once again yall didn't come through!! Every year these black history month avis are trash.
  20. I actually enjoy these avatars it’s better than having black avatars zoo print theme which is annoying, played off, and tone deaf . That being in mind please remember when drawing black people hands the inside of our palms are not the same color as the outside of our hands at all. If you need examples please refer to references or your black friends etc. BHM is a American thing I’m not sure for other countries so that can also explain why it’s focus on black America culture.
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