Best strategy for newbie ( step by step )

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  1. 1.)Volley- if u want to have enough money to Upgrade post on campus tell them "volley me till 2b newbie here" 2b is enough to have money i think u will have 60million after they volley you

    2.)Upgrading- if u have the money try to open 8 dorm and then hire 4 juiced up jock and then 4 hacker

    3.)Dvp- after u upgrade tell ur pup to give u dvp at least 3b...

    4.)How To Dvp?- just find a partner then find a player you can use to volley..then hire the player then your partner need to hire the player too do it until ur max then find another player then do it again ( Just Repeat ).

    5.) Next step- then after the dvp try to keep your 1b so you can have money for future volley or dvp then use the rest money for upgrading

    6.)How to get money- try to do jobs and do parties.

    7.) Join a club so you many will help you to grow..and try to have many friends and love your pupil and an Enjoy The Game!!!!.
  2. Good step by step. Just take note that a lot of people who end up with the new player after volleying don't actually want to keep them so asking their pup for a 3b DVP won't always go down well. Especially given that players capable of that size of DVP are not volleying new players :) apart from that good job op
  3. I disagree with step 3, Instead of the pupil giving DVP, They should guide the tutor to upgrade and earn money themselves. If you keep spoon-feeding them, Then they'll always depend on you or others to upgrade.

    Edit*** Gotta teach them tuts to be independent before you depart them to your local Cat Cafรจ. ?
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  4. Why does everyone want to over price a newbie? I understand if you want to keep them but aren't we supposed to worth there value? :|
  7. In step six why only jobs and party? Theres one other way that is now a forgotten method and how this game used to be. A little thing called PvP( player vs player). Whats wrong with making money that way? Why give in to ata trying make everyone party fairys and not teach the new players how to farm properly and what builds go best with differnt style of pvp.
  8. 1. U have over priced them.
    2. Tell them to read the various forums themselves
    3. Dont dvp a new person the likelyhood of them playing another month is small and u would have wasted your 9b
    4. Pvp is also a great way to earn money and needs to be introduced before they find themselves farmed
    5. They need to invest in tutors in order to make the most out of parties and pvp.

    Jobs is a great start for them well done

    Op u have the starting of a good thread but maybe u neec to read some of the beginner guide yourself so that u have a deeper understanding orwhat helps at this level
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  9. Farming is a great way to earn cash. Done right, you could earn more than partying, except for cat cafe of course.
  10. best strategy: ask to be vollied, take hr parents card, buy many ecs and dns,and spend rest of your life in cc clubs
  11. 2b? There's no reason to volley a noob that high. Taking them to 500m provides enough cash to open 12 dorms, adding 6 jocks and 6 hackers, all upgraded to lvl 4. After that, they're big enough to hit parties and not fail the noob jobs. And dvp is a horrible idea for noobs. They expect everything to just be handed to them and have no clue how to stand on their own.
  12. Nice dear,

    Just take on board the comments other players have already made :)
  13. This game has no good guides for beginner's! Beginner's start at the the guide's should too! Include a section on ingame social vocabulary and the meanings! Add examples from situations with dealing with clubs,buying/selling,etc. Explaining what is used for ingame currency and how to get it would help possibly ๐Ÿ˜…. All in all...if you are new do your own research because asking for help is not going to happen, and if it does Awesome! Keep it up! I'm at the point where I am starting to think that this entire game is just a money scheme lmao ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

  14. This guide is 5 years old...
  15. With the way hunts are now, it's easy to get 500 drops for the Piggy Banks. Cash those in, and get 3 billion. I've started my new alts with T3 from the volley money, you get more drops from T3 dorm mates. Then I use that 3b to start on T4 and buy tutors of course to get max pay. I can't stress tutors enough, I see mcs players with only a few small tutors ๐Ÿฅด They're missing out on so much money.