UPDATE Awesome Alumni Achievement!

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  1. Thank you
  2. This was a fantastic way to recognize your retired mods who had put in so much effort to the community. Thank you!
  3. This award will determine who was honorably and dishonorably demodded.
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  4. That's cool and all but do you guys plan on not giving the 10 Year achievement any Stats?
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  5. Is it not 10%/10%?
  6. If you make it to 10 years here, you should be awarded the ability to reset stats 🌚
  7. its not
  8. only if it gives a stat buff in doing so
  9. do we know any retired mods that have this award?
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  10. Sadly not
  11. Honestly I wouldn't care about it, I mean it would be cool if they gave us something like how they did in KAW with Rebirth and you got a Cool little achievement And Restarted They could give it some spunky name that relates to Going Back to college again for like pursuit or a Higher degree maybe call it "Higher Education" "Pursuing Higher Education" or something
  12. This would be Cool in Regards to my Previous post
  13. I know Ulquiorra has it
  14. I saw it on Manic's profile too :)
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  16. Okay it double posted rip. My game was lagging. Sorry for the double ping
  17. Oh! Seems I've missed more than I thought since stepping down & being mostly inactive (cause, life). This is such a sweet award, thank you for the recognition, it's very appreciated! ❤️
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