Ape-ril Fools Terms

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  1. Hey folks, another year another great prank from ATA. Gonna try and keep a list of the terms they're switching around here. Hopefully they don't change it up too fast like last year. Add phrases and what they turn into here so we can keep track and have some fun!

    Ones I've got so far:

    RP = Quarantine
    Lol = suddenly I can't read
    April Fool's = Black Friday
    Girls = people
    Boys = beings
    Daddy = qualified physician
    Naughty = medicated
  2. Kinky = hygienic
    Dorm = jorts
  3. Omg =bee movie rules
    Only = whatever really
  4. Wall me = wash me
    ATA = who
    Add me = let's watch Seinfeld together
    Guys = individuals
  5. Please = pleabse
    Plz = plbz
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  6. Netflix: drive in theater
    Roleplay: eye contact
    Wall me: wash me
  7. Bring roles: remove masks
  8. If you happen to have the pet rock from last year, you can equip it with the Emma Stone style to avoid the autocorrect.
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  9. Link to the thread from last year, not sure if the word swaps are similar but figured it’d be funny to look back and compare regardless 😂
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  10. Looks like they're all different but last year's were hilarious, thank you for the link! That was so much fun.
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  11. Single: double
    Married: stapled to
    Mommy/Daddy: qualified physician
    Confused: turned on right now
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  12. It's a prank = permanent change
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  13. Pet rock = PIMDimal la roix
    Man = priest
    Woman = nun
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  14. What will happen to this ???
  15. It’s just temporary for April Fool’s.
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  16. Sub: submarine sandwich
    Dom: Dom perignon
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  17. My Casbah is now on display
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  18. Is great = needs toilet paper
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  19. Tell them they look cute today pls.
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