LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🧚Brand New VIP Champagne Box Content: Avis + Items + Furni! 🌳

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  1. Correct, but different currencies have different pricings!

    And it isn't always an even exchange either, unfortunately. $19.99USD is $25.15CAD for example, but there is a slight increase of a few dollars.

    I also know that purchasing with GBP (British pounds) is not an even exchange rate and is more expensive as well, and by a larger gap than the USD to CAD pricing.
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  2. Meh imma pass🙄
  3. I've been very sick the passed few weeks
  4. Dorm room is giving me Tinkerbell vibes, live it ♡
  5. These avis are nice ❤️🥺
  7. yeah it’s £19.99 in the UK which is the same as $27.57 😩
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  8. Hope carpal tunnel flexes on your graphic designers
  9. I’ve never had a vip avatar before, could someone tell me what the stats are/would be for the toadstool avatars?
  10. found it on another thread 👀
  11. What's the thread called I'm curious about that since i just obtained the red toadstool avi and I'm thinking of getting the vip too
  12. Go to guides, it’s called 💕VIP Champagne Box: Combinable Avatars💕
  13. ever since I've read this comment I cannot unsee it Ilysm 💕
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  14. Spoilers for toadstool avatars yet?
  15. It’s the flower avis in the center at the top 🌷 (the human/flower hybrid ones)
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  16. Female avatars once again getting the better looks. Male ones remaining to look like dogshit every time lmao
  17. 🌿But I actually like the male toadstool avi more🥴😅🌿🎉💗
  18. What is potd can anyone tell pls
  19. What's the difference in the red toadstools and the blue ones? When combined (5 red or 5 blue) what exactly do you get?