UPDATE 💥 Blast from the Past + Reward Points Updates!💥

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  1. [​IMG]

    PIMD Web Store Reward Points are getting a facelift!

    What's NEW?

    New Reward Tiers!
    Introducing a variety of NEW Prize Tiers with refreshed rewards!
    The rewards point system now contains 16 Tiers for users that really want to make the most out of their PIMD Web Store purchases!

    NEW Blast from the Past Box Items!

    These NEW Blast From the Past boxes will contain even MORE FAVOURITE AVATARS from the years gone by!
    I'm having some serious nostalgia!

    A host of Classic 499's, 999's and Stat Items have also been added!
    Check out below for a sneak peak of just a few additions!

    Blast From the Past - NEW ADDITIONS

    THIS . . . IS . . . PIMD! ⚔️

    OMG that Pupper's so happy! 🐶

    How do Reward Points work again?

    🛍Purchase on the Web Store!🛍
    💎😺🐶Earn free rewards!😺🐶💎

    This rewards program will come with all sorts of valuable and collectible rewards.
    Rewards include things like:
    👩‍⚕️ Doctor's Notes
    💎 Extra Credits
    🍱 Bentos
    😸 Hypno Cats
    🐶 Money Dogs
    🎁 Blast from the Past Boxes
    You can browse the Store here and check out the latest changes!

    If you use iOS, you'll have to tap and hold the link. 😉

    What are the Deets?!

    How do I get to the PIMD Web Store?
    The image at the top of this post and every mention of the PIMD Web Store is a link!
    If you want to double-check you are in the right place, the url is https://shop.partyinmydorm.com//

    How do I find out more about the PIMD Web Store?
    Check out this forum post where we introduced Reward Points as well as the FAQ's in the Helpcentre!

    Why did you update Reward Points?
    To keep things fresh and exciting of course! Expect more updates in the future!

    We also wanted to make sure there were additional tiers for users that requested them, although we realize those won't be for everyone.

    If you have any suggestions for content you'd like to see brought back in Blast from the Past Boxes, let us know in a Help Ticket!

    Are you removing anything from the Blast From the Past Boxes?
    No! This is a new Box so any old boxes will still have their same contents, but you will only be able to acquire these New ones going forward!

    Out with the old, in with the new (but still from the past)!
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  2. It’s great we are getting new content for the blast n the pasts boxes, it’s been awhile since the old ones have been out. Although it does suck that the content in the old boxes aren’t just cycling out with the new content and instead there’s essentially 2 boxes with the same name. So those who were saving up their old blast from past boxes are outta luck for the new content.

    The Avis and the misc are better in this box too which is nice. Although I’m alil sad some Avis are lb ones. Sucks for those who participated in those lbs and spend hella money to get them since we all know doing lbs isn’t cheap.

    I have a love-hate relationship with all these old Avis coming back, am I bitter when it’s a avi I personally already had and thought it was special? Yes. But do I also kick my feet and giggle like a school girl when it’s a avi I don’t have and have always wanted? Also yes 🥸
  3. I wish the boxes looked different & had more old cat misc 😕
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  4. Which were the lb Avis ?
  5. I love this!!!
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  6. I truly do enjoy the new boxes, just as Delight stated I just wish the old boxes got updated instead. Saving them up for nothing. 💔
  7. The pirate ones + the Coachella looking ones.
    Both from 2018 I believe.

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  8. Thank you, was really curious as haven’t seen any older lb Avis 🖤
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  9. What about those we can’t use the PIMD webstore due to region restrictions? 🧍‍♀️
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  10. Check out the FAQ section of this post for more information about region-locking.
  11. Very disappointed that some of us still can't use webstore and always miss out on things like this.
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  12. It doesn’t say much other than them trying to review the problem, so we can use it too. Meanwhile, anyone from the mentioned countries can’t enjoy the rewards others can. The main problem is the payment options request a US postal code, which if you’re from one of the mentioned countries - won’t have. Filling in a random one won’t work if it ain’t connected to whatever card they try to use.
  13. Absolutely love this ❤️
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  14. The main problem, as described in the post, is that these kinds of site payments are illegal in your country and the other countries listed. Payment in countries where it is legal do not require a U.S. postal code; because it is illegal in your country, it auto-redirects you to the American website payment. If you're paying in the UK for example it doesn't require a U.S. postal code.
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  15. Wish you’d cycle out the old ones with new ones. I’ve all the avis from previous blast box
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  16. I can't seem to see the boxes on webstore? What to do. Help!
  17. This is truly terrible lol for the people who saved up boxes to open them later with nicer avis after they spent 300$ to get them in bulk now you have to buy them all over again 🤡. Good job ATA. Also the LB avas for those who grinded so much to just get them from the box it's so lame.
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  18. It doesnt have Facebook log in on web store
  19. Is there any way we can still get the old box, stats and avis from the previous haven't been collected by everyone. Would be good if they were combined to the same box, or if you could get both boxes still rather than only the new ones. 🤔
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  20. Correct. You need to create an ATA ID to be able to use the web store.
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