LIMITED-TIME CONTENT ❤️‍🔥🦾 Molten Machines Shard Box🦿❤️‍🔥

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  1. Not everyone uses forums. And no you even quoted someone who likes it. So again you are wrong
  2. it seems like u don’t understand how forums/threads work. “quoting” someone is a way to show that i am directly talking with regards to their post .. so yes i was commenting (in contrast) to what they were saying.

    tldr; quoting does not equal agreeing
  3. Why, just why???🤣🤣🤣
  4. I understand well. You said you were saying what everyone else was saying. But not everyone else WAS saying that. As i said. You even quoted someone who was saying otherwise to your opinion. And not everyone who plays the game uses forums. Hundreds of thousands of people play this game. 15 people at best commented on this thread. You are wrong in saying that everyone has the same opinion as yourself
  5. thank you for clarifying however i was referring to everyone on the thread (except ofc d person i was quoting) im not responsible for ur assumption that i meant everyone in d game 🤭
  6. right 😅😅😅
  7. Everyone means everyone. Every single person relevant to the topic. Every player on this game is relevant to this topic.

    But this game runs on democracy not communism. 15 odd people on a thread are not going to get their choice over the hundreds of thousands of players on the game who dont use forums

  8. its a thread on a RP-ing online game why u gta bring in ideologies and shit HAHAHA! anws, i rly just meant, im summing up all the 15 people's thoughts, context is relevant here!~
  9. I like em specially the middle tier female, yall tripping
  10. Wow I’m shocked another shard box??? Dang that was quick
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  11. I like the lavender ring female avis, but the rest are a harrrrd pass
  12. Not too big on shard box after shard box coming out, I kinda want a break from shards as I still have to collect the new BF shards that are in hunt boxes for this year. 😖 On the other side, love 2/3 female avatars…the last tier avatar doesn’t look too good to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. This really doesn't feel like cyberpunk. It just feels like "highly fashionable metal in bone shapes". You guys REALLY missed the mark on this and it shows. I don't even see "cyberpunk nobility" or "cyberpunk elites". Just typical fashionistas with skeletal styled metal.

    They don't even really carry the sense that they're augmented. And that's another major aesthetic that's needed in Cyberpunk.
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  14. I do like most of these avatars (yes they definitely could be of been better though) I do think it's time for a new artist the faces is hit and miss and for the money need more consistency. I also really think it's time to stop having us get the same avatar shards twice or at least lower the amount of shards needed for the second VIP verison. I'm at the point that I refuse to collect the same avatar twice just for different colors and alittle more stats.
  15. I actually LOVE the box design so I maxed the boxes but I’ll never open 😂
  16. kay.. i usually dislike majority of whatever they release lately but i’ll just defend the gold ring avatars cause i thought they are the best out of all. though they def missed the mark with cyberpunk and i agree coz nothing is remotely cyberpunk-ish.. and maybe if they would’ve just added some hinges and joints on the limbs of those avis, but overall i think its actually great. cybernetic perfection looks awesome with that hairstyle (love me bangs and pony hair always) and the intricate… ~design on her back. she looked stunning for me. would like to get her vip
  17. Gold ring avas reminding me of my bisexuality, we stan

    (Having to choose only one is biphobic though :^( did they really have to cost 50b each....)
  18. I like these!