EVENT 👽🛸They Came From Far Out🛸👽

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  1. [​IMG]

    Space themed hunt you say? Let me take a closer look. 🧐

    Are you ready to find out if the Truth is really out there?
    Make sure your camera is ready and point it to the skies, you'll never know what you might see!
    Get the scoop on this new content before it BLASTS OFF on 12PM PST January 24th, 2023!!


    Houston . . .. we have a problem . . . I think I am attracted to aliens now.

    Pet Styles

    Pet Styles available through the Pet Styles Shop and Pet Skins Box!



    Available in the Store, Furniture Boxes, and in Flying Saucer Boxes!!
    Flying Saucer Box

    With Avi's this out of this world, you know we be getting Jiggy with it.

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  2. Thank you for making it ugly so I don’t participate
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  3. Oooooh recycled but cute avis
  4. it’s a no from me this time, but good try 🦭
  5. 😒 all the bad hunts when I’m active…soon I delete the game n a year later I missed good hunts
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  6. Yuck
  7. Flashback 🤯
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  8. My bentos thank you
  9. 💀
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  10. the avis are cutee
  11. All of this looks familiar unfortunately 😕
  12. Why do I like it 😭😭
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  13. Not a fan that will save me money whoooohooo Thank you!!’
  14. Time to take a break 🌚
  15. The 6mcs cow!! 🐄👽🤍
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  16. If you were gonna do space and aliens should’ve based it off mass effect so more variety of human avi outfits and alien looks. This is like some weird sitcom