LIMITED-TIME CONTENT ❤️‍🔥🦾 Molten Machines Shard Box🦿❤️‍🔥

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    Welcome to a cyberpunk world 😉

    Avatar Shards

    You have a chance of getting any of the following shards:

    Cyan Molten Ring Shard
    Lavender Molten Ring Shard
    Gold Molten Ring Shard

    These shards will be available from opening the Molten Machines Shard Box.
    This Shard Box is available in the Store from now until 12 PM PST on Tuesday, January 24th!

    While the shard boxes are only available for two weeks, the avatars can be purchased up until 12 PM PST on Thursday, February 9th!

    Please note that once the Avatars leave the shop, you will not be able to get them anymore!

    Tier 1


    Tier 2


    Tier 3


    Please note you will NOT be able to achieve the VIP avatars without first having the regular set.

    Also check out everything that's going on with our They Came From Far Out event!


    Cruising in style with these new avis 😎

    Our New PIMD Web Store

    And PS...If you're looking to get your hands on some ECs or DNs and want to know where to get them for the best deals, come check out our new PIMD web store! PS. 5% off EVERYTHING and choose any payment method you want! C'mon fam, we got you 😘

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  2. Nah I’m good 🫤
  3. least I know I won't be tempted to spend any money
  4. Great concept but they’re a bit eh
  5. Eeew. Well ty for making these ugly so I can focus more on the hunt or other PIMD stuff 🫠🤧
  6. Interesting but not my vibe
  7. i actually really like the male 95/95 surprisingly
  8. The robotic paragon is probably the best avi. It’s the only one that tempts me. It’s a cool concept but the execution isn’t exactly amazing on the rest
  9. Man these male avis just get no love 😥
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  10. What are thooooooose?
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  11. I will save my bentos
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  12. Please do better Ata
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  13. Beautiful avis!
  14. Ew
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  15. They way I just stood up for y’all for the alien avis and you do me like this💔
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  16. Please... this isn't even cute like fr?