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    Last year, we brought you Zodiac Avatars. This Black Friday, we're complementing that with Zodiac Furniture! ♊️

    Zodiac Furniture Box & "Luck"


    These horoscopic Boxes:
    ☞ Are only available until noon Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 3rd at the Store
    ☞ Will cost 1 Amazing Furniture Key to open
    ☞ Contain a special new mechanic: ✨Luck ✨

    How It Works


    Which One Is Your Dorm?


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  2. Yay
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  3. PIECES💗
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  4. Heck yeah! They're back.
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  5. VIRGO
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  6. I love the beds
  7. The 999s 🤩 kind of obsessed tbh
  8. Dopeeee 😍😭
  9. I’m an aries but pisces is the cutest
  10. You mised the dates for aquarius
  11. Anyone interested in trading the Collection of Cosmos 999 for my Libra 999? Will throw in bentos/extra furni if ya want 🥰
  12. Buying Aquarius bed and 999
  13. I like! 😻😻
  14. No dates for Aquarius?
  15. .... Every Aries I've opened has given me a poster. Istg. I'm about to set them on fire.
  16. I'm a pisces, cant wait to get the furniture
  17. Again ugly Scorpio 😒
  18. LIES
  19. Gemini 💕💕💕