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  1. If anyone knows the new name of this user can you please have her message me? I miss her.
  2. Its a game. Deal with it. Its Its not real. Go find people irl
  3. That was uncalled for.
  4. He's just looking for an old friend he lost touch with who changed IGN 🥺 Kindness is free. I hope you have a good day/night 🤗❤
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  5. Thanks🤗🤗🤗
  6. Tf is up with this double standards shit
  7. If I'm reading it correctly, OP lost contact with a name change or something. Which is different from people blocking you and asking you to leave them alone and then going on forums to ask them to talk to you again, if that's what you mean by double standards.
  8. bruh.
  9. No. I mean by double standards that coz 1 time ages ago i was trying to find someone that changed ign n i got told shit like i said from everyone. N but now when i say it im a dick
  10. If she ever walled you, you could delete your wall posts on your wall and find a link to her!
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  11. Lmao that’s not double standards, those are just a-holes. Someone being rude to you doesn’t mean you should be rude to everyone else going thru something similar 🥴
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  12. Whys it rude
  13. Telling someone to just “deal with it” and that “it’s just a game” is rude and it’s unnecessary. You might as well just tell someone to shut up.
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  14. I get told that with pritty much everything. Dont get whats bad about it
  15. Well how did you feel when you didn't get help when you asked? And now you're doing it to other people, making them feel the same way you must have felt.
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  16. You.. literally complained about other people doing that to you.. Other people did it to you when you were simply searching, so why do it back to others??? 😪 W/e
  17. I figured it out on my own
  18. Didn't complain was just saying
  19. There was still no reason for it. Let people look for their friends, lmao. If you’ve lost someone here then you know it can be crappy, especially when people tell you ✨”it’s just a game”✨

    Anyway, good luck OP! I hope ya find them 💕
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