Your Shape

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  1. How are you single,
    Shaped the way you're shaped?
    I see them bitches,
    Envying the way you're draped.

    Why're you so curvaceous,
    It's killing me.
    Who made you so bodacious,
    It's killing me.

    Don't move to close,
    You're built like an eight.
    Oooo just look at you,
    You make my son elevate.

    You're looking like an "S,"
    Stunning in that dress.
    Move more and talk less,
    You never fail to impress.

    I'm feeling like Ed Sheeran,
    I'm in love with the shape of you.
    How don't you have a man,
    You'd be on me like the end of a cue.

    Shit I think I'm slippin...
    Shit I think I'm trippin...
    Shit I can't even listen...
    Shit I'm tryna dip in...

    I'm acting like Poussey,
    Whenever you're on you're back.
    Maybe it's the D'uesse,
    I sip watching Orange is the New Black.

    I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones,
    But you can play games on my throne.
    You laugh and say Imma dog,
    But you're the only one I bone.

    But I...
    Can't escape...
    Or run...
    From your shape...

    Thick thighs, a fat ass,
    And stomach on flat.
    You defy physics,
    Tell me how you do that.

    My very being reacts,
    To your softest touch.
    Even on roller coaster rides,
    I can't wait to get off this much.
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  2. Also, poetry
  4. Also, not poetry
  5. my favourite shape is a circle
  6. Why?
  7. I like this Jaco !!!! Go you !!!