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  1. Too much pay to win, I'll pass.
  2. I understand that. Did you try sorting it out with the person? If they're just hitting because of XC, it's not hard to find inactives and get up on the leaderboard like that. I've been hitting inactives.
    What I'm saying is, you can't blame farming solely on the new feature.
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  4. Worst game ever
  5. All this whining will just make people wanna hit you more tbh.

    It's a game, fuckin chill bruh
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  6. Unfortunately that's how a leaderboard event like xcs play out. I got on one of the leaderboards last night but I had to use a lot of dns. I guess 10 other people used more items than you, but there's nothing that they can do about that.
  7. Just another way to benefit the people who spend money
  8. Honestly I love this new Leaderboard feature. I was fortunate to win enough speed-ups for all my extra timer boxes I had accumulated from previous hunts along with the current hunt. Which really helps those who have been requesting the ability to open up more than one timer box for awhile now.

    You also win lite zodiac shard boxes & extra pimd piggy banks. I haven't placed in the top for the other potential goodies, but grateful that ATA implented this new event which I hope will stay beyond the current hunt. ❤

    ATA gives out plenty of DN's throughout the week, spinner, story hunt rewards & you can earn free ec via the offer-wall to open boxes/DN's. Surprised to see so many complaints, for being rewarded for hitting parties/pvp-function & rewards on top of opening boxes.

    If you're worried about getting hit, you can win peace tags from the spinner (it's random though) or if you've saved them from when they were first announced. But I can see the frustration of not having enough peace tags if this a permanent feature. (Maybe ATA will increase the chances for peace-tags availablity in the future)

    I would suggest using a high % intelligence avatar, buying defense/attack items in-store, having leveled up furniture/pets active & having tutors/accumulated misc to lower the chances of getting hit as you would with any other pvp-related story we've had in the past.
  9. Bank your cash hits literally don’t matter

    Like there’s so many party fairies whining about hits, I’m in a cc that’s been being farmed for like 3 months now and you don’t see me crying, it’s part of the game oml 🙄 just bank your cash and move on, no one is making you CF literally just ignore it, asking them to stop or walking them just gives them an easy link to you for easy farming later, don’t respond and they’ll have a harder time finding you in game

    Unless you’re like me and like encourageing them to hit you more for losses 😂
  10. For everyone who finds my comments as "a whining", imagine stacking your cash and waiting for black Friday to ug and then someone comes and ruins everything. ☺ I also spoke with the person, but they just take advantage of their position in the game by making people angry, and everyone knows that angry people might say some bad things here, which may be the cause of being silenced (in my case). So far about good manners in this game. It just benefits the people who pay to win.
    Oh, and another example: I logged out for 30min or so and when I got back my notifications were full with farming. Same thing happens when I go to sleep. Keep saying I'm whining. Everyone can judge until they get on the other side of the situation.
  11. Would be mildly frustrating, but not a huge deal. Black Friday is right around the corner and you'll make up plenty for any cash lost right now. It's the nature of the game. There are ways to hide cash that you are waiting the use for an upgrade. It's part of the strategy of the game.
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  12. Can you do something for the people who can’t afford to buy keys and EC and dN this would be better if it lasted longer than an hour so people can actually get the rewards who can’t afford to spend money 🤦🏽‍♀️ the first one actually lasted long I liked the test run way better than this hour mess
  13. I have been in that situation

    it’s anoying at most, they can’t make you do anything

    Also if you didn’t know you can store your cash in the bank my pressing on your cash on the main menu, hits can’t steal that cash, if you have a nice amount of cash you should be banking it when things like this happen
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  14. It is not fair that 11th place players on the leaderboard get the exact same things as the 100th place players.
  15. Just a few questions and comments about this. ive collected the rewards then the event ends even tho I still had hours left on it. So should we wait to collect until it’s over? Also, I’ve had lots of hits/drops not be counted for. It’s a but disappointing needing only 100 more drops for leaderboard, joining a 24cc flash session and having none of the drops counted :( I love the idea of it, maybe after it’s out longer this will be less of a problem.
  16. How do you see the leaderboard? Mine is telling me that I have to reach three stars to access it which I thought fair enough. But I’ve just seen that someone else is also on one star but they could see the leaderboard. How can we be on the same but see different things? Sorry probably being blind
  17. You have an hour to complete the task. Anything after the 1 hour mark is not counted.
  18. I want more side stories like the tarot and vip masks please .
  19. I won some new shard Lite boxes but it doesn’t let me open them anyone else experience this??
  20. The extracurricular festire has been off since a day or two before BF hunt, when will it be back?
    Not even the “ended” quests appear...