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  1. Interesting... I'm excited to see how this plays out.

    If it's an option for all players to get rewards for doing things, I don't see why complain about it. Extra free stuff just for playing - who would dislike that? It's also really fun if it stimulates players to try new things (like PvP) or play more in order to chase the rewards.

    But if it turns out to be just attainable for the players that are already on top of the original leaderboard, that'd be useless.

    I'll get back once I've tried XC and formed an opinion on it. But cool! It's always really nice to get some refreshing things on this app other than the same old. Good job, ATA.
  2. Reread what I posted, and you'll see that I didn't only say stats.
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  3. Sorta
    No math class so no support
  4. How fo you know if they are inactive?
  5. Also having to DN to get to 3 stars and we only get 3 1h box and pet speed ups and 25 banks? Not worth my DNs to begin with, again, 1h? My pets on a 9 day feeding o-k
  6. Usually by checking their showcase, wall, and gifts section. See if they have any new items and when the last posts on their wall are. If the items in showcase and gifts are from a while ago, and the messages on their wall say "Long ago", then most likely the account is inactive.
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  7. I am not talking about feeding i had pet capsule's in mind and that task time is 1hr
  8. the “collecthathon fest” is not making any progress in my side even i’m getting the maximum potd party drop or opening boxes with keys.

    the other goal is working tho.

    and i submitted a help ticket about it, but no one is answering it yet 😑
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  9. It can take up to 24 hours to get a response. Keep in mind that the developers live in Western Canada, under the time zone Pacific Standard Time.
  10. Mine is glitchy 🥴, it’s not keeping up with my points for party hits or timer boxes.
  11. i have the same problem too, and the goal is about to expire and i still can’t claim my rewards 😖
  12. Nice to get bonus rewards for things you normally do, and it's nice that you don't HAVE to spend money to attain some of these rewards. And low stat players can actually get on the LB too so that's nice.

    I do have one criticism - why do you have to hit at least Tier 3 to place on the leaderboard? Like I've seen it a few times for the party hard XCs even where not100 people will hit tier3, so only the top 40 or so actually get the T100 rewards. I think either the T100 rewards should actually go to the top 100 performers or the tiers should be readjusted so that at least 100 people are hitting all 3 tiers.
  14. How can I be a beta tester?
  15. There is no application. ATA will contact you personally if they think you would be a fit, based on your device, activity levels, and game knowledge.
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  16. I was invited by ATA staff via the ticket system, so I'm assuming it's invite only 🤷🏽‍♀️
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  17. An hour is just a little bit short to complete the EX but overall I love the idea!! The practice round was 24 hours, why not do the same for the EX now? ❤️
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  18. did they make changes in criteria for collectathon task? i opened 5 timer boxes using speed ups and got around 2k drops but it only shows 537 points for me
  19. So, during the hunt someone did manage to earn the Elite F of that set. Just one person. So we are keeping the exclusivity for that one person who worked their butt off to get that F Avi. They're the only one in the entire game who has it!

    Nobody got the M, so that lonely boi is now up for grabs.
  20. Again helping people who spend here all about the money wondering why your game loyal long standing players are getting less active or quitting as you have made it all about the money money money oh did I say money #atagreed
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