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  1. Yay, another leaderboard 🙄
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  2. It's sad that I still haven't yet recived my update for the game at all smh 🙄
  3. Will there be another practice one or shall we just wait a bit (presumably 2 hours if I had to guess) for the real ones to begin?
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  4. High stat players can’t hit you .....
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  5. Has anyone still not gotten the update. I haven't gotten it yet and I have even uninstalled and reinstalled 3 different times.
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  6. I was #1 on the board and I got there solely by hitting inactive accounts just make sure they ARE inactive
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  7. I have not gotten it yet as well. Reinstalled the app a few times, and restarted my phone too.
  8. Idk if this will help anyone, but for IOS i had a glitch within my app store where it wouldn’t show me the update until I manually loaded the Updates page (pulled down at the top of the page to refresh it so that you saw the loading sign on top)
  9. I have Android, but I'll try that! Thank you.
  10. PVP is a part of the game, it existed before parties were a thing... It also had +5 for completing parties, which you don’t compete parties by hitting someone so 🤷🏻‍♀️ sit and hit your party buttons, theres a lot more people on game going to b2b flashes and at least this way they’re not zooming ahead and people who like SFW stand a chance (hopefully)

    this games roots are PVP remember where you came from 😩🤙
  11. Yeah, still no update available. 🙊
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  13. Even after the new update, my home screen didnt change so idk
  14. Update is available for android now.
  15. Zodiac lite box is empty can’t open it 😂
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  16. Same!
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  17. It might be a glitch that’ll pass soon. If not, you can try sending a help ticket. However I would wait and see if it changes first😊
  18. That's how it is for me and my rs as well :'(
  19. i 3rd that
  20. If your home page still hasn’t updated, and you’re on an Android you need to update your app. iPhone auto updates.