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  1. It comes and goes just like any quest
  2. I want that new avi, but ugh, I'm never gonna get it 🙄
  3. Same top players constantly with spotlight. Can’t hit a damn one of em 😡
  4. This. Ik I sound like some cry baby but this is genuinely unfair to everyone else who are lower stats and want to participate, the only way to take the spotlight is to actually land a successful eavesdrop which is pretty much impossible when they're 150mcs+ and DTW
  5. Yeah I wanted to try the Spotlight thing but I can’t hit the 100+ mcs accounts that are volleying it back and forth, shame
  6. PUT FIGHT/ DANCE BACK UP!!!!!!! This was fair to everyone!!
  7. if they're dtw and have spotlight, you don't have to successfully ed to steal it. Just ed and you'll take it. Saw a 14mcs steal spotlight from a t50 VIP
  8. I eavesdropped and lost, didn't get it.
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  9. Just Ed the person who has it rn twice and didn't take it from them, so I don't think that's how it works
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  10. Wish they would go back to the extracurricular challenges that don't require you to pay to win it was way better, seems that all ATA cares about now is how much money they can make! Each month that passes it shows more and more adding stuff that helps only later to change it to try and make you spend hard earned money on a game!
  12. I agree... its useless... All u can see are the same person on the list... not giving anyother the chance ugh... bad quest tho😡
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  13. The same person keeps getting #1 on the leaderboard because she's 174mcs. I got t10 twice ONLY because I hit @thespotlight first twice and held it for, like, 8 seconds before she took it away. I asked her if she was gonna try topping all the spotlights, and she ignored me. 🙄 Stupid.
  14. Spotlight is made only for larger players and it's not fair, only they can win and I dont understand the reasoning for giving larger players even more free stuff. I cant even hit the person who has it. What's the point?
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  15. I literally hate this extracurricular, like everyone says it’s for big players only. Way to reward the PTW even more!!! BRING BACK THE PARTY HITS EXTRACURRICULAR 😡 such a waste in my opinion.
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  16. I dislike the spotlight ex. Even when i successfully Ed I don't get any point, it really sucks. Moreover only big stats players are there making it difficult to participate in the XC in total it sucks.also 3hrs timer sucks 😩
  17. Myth Fulfillment issues.
    The 3hr 35 drop boxes.
    This Spotlight bogus thing.

    We get it. You want money.
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  18. Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve only gotten 35 ... and I haven’t seen like ANYONE with those avatars for Aussie. Only literally 1 person who’s top at the leaderboard 😶 this blows. I’m only one month in this game and it’s insane how money hungry and PTW it is
  19. Bring back the dance party. Were all can participate. Unboxing is pro rich. Soak spotlight is pro strong players. Where's justice here. Many are thinking of quitting because the flow of the games are becoming focus on profit more than fun.
  20. A LOT of good players have left over this already. ATA needs to make money to support the game so we can play it- yeah. But the last few months has been a train wreck to witness... And it's only getting worse.