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  1. Youre not allowed to include links to external websites or advertise/discuss any 3rd party apps or websites.
  2. I mean we were discussing economics and that site has some legit charts in it smh
  3. Still not allowed to share other websites. Thr ONLY 3rd party apps/things you ca talk about on here is oher games made by ata, and the pimd discord. No others are allowed.

    No dev wants people talking about stuff that draws people away from their own product.

    Also with links theres no way to garuntee its safe to go to without going into it to see what it is. And aint no one got time for link messages to be put on hold for mods of some sort to check links are safe. So its also to keep people safe as well. Even if its a joke link and not actul still counts coz theres sooooooo many weird ass website links around now days that its likely to be a actul site that could have who knows what on it.

    Also gotta remember that just coz this is a 17+ game (thats also advertised as 16+ coz 17+ isnt a option and its not bad enough that it needs to be rated 18+) theres still kids that come on here thinking its a innocent game. The art style is very kid like and all the bright colours ect is garunteed to draw kids in. Also the ones trying to be rebellious and intentionally try look at stuff/do stuff intended for teens/adults. So ata has a responsibility to do at least something for added protection for them
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  4. Locked and removed the original post since you decided to post the link again, if it got you silenced it’s going to do the same again on forums so remember that in the future.

    As the others have said you cannot advertise 3rd party apps, ask people to add you on 3rd party apps, or post links to websites. If you have some confusion I’d recommend you read up on the games TOS to avoid it happening again in the future
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.